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Clarification of HoE

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:43 pm    Post subject: Clarification of HoE


^This sums it up, but I want to break it all down with two purposes:
1. General encouragement
2. To provide proper perspective on the Halls of Exalted

It may be misunderstood by others that I'm cheapening or watering-down HoE, so I'm going to just say this before I go on. The Halls of Exalted is, I said, IS for characters of elite caliber. Alright. Glad that's out of the way.

Expressing a character that you've given a 'soul' in a way that only -you- can is the real accolade, and nobody can take that vote away. We've all got standards. From women (if you're a dude like me), to video games, to jobs, to friends, to quality of living, to cars, to work ethic, to yard work, to food, to sleep, to music, to deoderant, to toothbrushes - everything is bounced off a slab of one's own criteria of expectations. If you have an honest 'no-slack-jaw' standard you hold exclusively over yourself when it comes to character creation and development, you know in your heart whether or not the character was unique, breathing and dynamic. Whether it's a legend should not even really enter your equation if your focus is on keeping that character alive; and by alive, I'm not talking about:
a perpetual ping renting space in a MUD at regular intervals, having not yet ghosted the char, or the state of not being deleted.

By alive, I mean supporting your own character in the manner you support yourself in RL (beyond meeting basic needs). You eat, work, relax when possible and sleep: then repeat. Likewise, your character eats, works, idles and sleeps. These are basic needs. As an RL person, you're still developing even if you're just sitting in your room and picking your nose (albeit VERY slowly). You have interests and hobbies above base needs that self-support without your conscious intervention.*** You only really ever stop developing physically, emotionally and spiritually (in the temporal sense) once you've died. Your character is different. You actually need effort to keep it "supported" beyond its basic needs. It is not natively dynamic. It is a collection of code with static thresholds. It cannot breathe by itself. It must be kept dynamic. That's where the player comes in and that's what separates NPCs from PCs. There are good and bad benchmarks of distinction, but good RP and crap RP (or what is and isn't RP) is covered exhaustively in a post here.

When you indulge your interests and hobbies, you fulfill yourself. By this line of thought, you fulfill the character when you indulge their interests and hobbies (which you, the player, hopefully created and put in it). Now, if one of your interests and hobbies includes fulfilling your character as stated just prior, you end up fulfilling yourself. Do this, and you are fulfilled as a player by your own character, whether or not said character makes HoE through the votes of others. Said fulfillment is a self-induced badge over time, and you need not that anyone else approve of it. Met standards you bounce the character off of will bare witness of themselves to -your- self. HoE is just the means of others to let you know that your character was an unforgettable presence in the MUD they played, when you boil it all down. If you make HoE, great. If you don't make HoE, great. What's it to you if your character fulfilled you as you fulfilled it? Fun, right? That's the point of all this? I do think so.

Now, circumstances and the state of a MUD -do- have a bit of power over whether or not your character can be unforgettable, but that's a whole other basket of wet kittens that I don't want from the wandering boy right now. But like ergorion said under the SMITE log:

"...if you think one dude is trash on one toon but see a different side on another.."

The staff can come in as needed here with regard to the Halls of Exalted, as they don't need alternate characters to see every side of a character. Your character may be crafted such that certain personas aren't permitted to see dynamics that others may. Almost like a code in and of itself if I take that notion far enough...

All manner of rebukes under this post are welcome. Discussion is good. Just please keep it on topic and away from the triple-asterisk footnote.

***: Unless you're very sad, which the 'evolving' Diagnostic Statistical Manual wants to call 'depression' when it fits certain criteria (which has probably broadened). Like it's some disease that needs treatment. There are serious cases, but this isn't the place for me to extrapolate what I think about the subject.
"...A bad reaction to a particular spell unhinged him quite dramatically."

"I had me a partner once that had an unfortunate reaction to a particular sword. That don't make it an accident."
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