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January 2020 update summary

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Abandoned Realms

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 01, 2020 12:00 am    Post subject: January 2020 update summary

* Hamp's pub crawl redux is now live.
* Fixed an issue with contagion spreading to caster.
* Fixed Vinnie's autoinduct when giving him gold.
* Fixed the aff save from Crescent Moon set.
* Haste spell now correctly negates the slow spell on mobs.
* Clarified the effects of omens of nature in the wilderness healing helpfile.
* The midnight stalker in Evermore now has a description.
* Removed ethereal from some unintended mobs.
* Updated the name of a door in Gwidry.
* Shador's equipment now matches his level.
* Clarified the level 20 thief quest through interactions with npcs.
* Fixed a typo in the leather worker's gloves
* Fixed typo in Deafness helpfile.
* Pets can now follow their master into Phemios' chamber.
* Fixed a map inconsistency in the sewers.
* Runkin will now properly follow dark-knights to meet his fate.
* Fixed an issue with ruby hilted dagger's poison.
* Updated the centurion's wand.
* Added Treant favoured weapons to FAVOURED WEAPON helpfile.
* Fixed an inconsistent room description in Solace.
* Fixed a description for Esther.
* Hellhounds in Redhorne no longer fly.
* Fixed an issue where Griff would go to sleep before awarding quest completion.
* One can now put things on serving plates.
* Fixed bug with goblin extermination quest.
* Fixed a bug with the Dragon Tower secret firing too early.
* Lake Watcher now greets players with the 1000 year old treant quest.
* Kanizares' purple potions quest and Adanion's Mercenary quest can now be completed.
* Druid star gate has been updated to use the correct towers of sorcery room.
* Fixed the keywords of the beryl gems
* Fixed a typo in Dame Valere's room
* The Tired Old Monk quest now recognizes you vs. your mirrors.
* Updated some mobs in Enthema with better keywords.
* Fixed the levels of some shop items in Forest of Illusion
* Fixed incorrect spellings of ninjutsu in helpfile.
* Fixed a typo in Dankbark room descriptions.
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