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May 2016 update summary

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Abandoned Realms

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 5:29 am    Post subject: May 2016 update summary

* Fixed critical bug with seed spells.
* Keepers can now sac rares they win from auctions for rewards
* Religious floaty items now require being oathed in.
* Nexus now blocks runes that open to inactive areas.
* Players logging in to inactive areas will be transferred to their temple instead.
* Bucket in Common area now holds an appropriate amount of water.
* Expanded HELP SCARECROW to explain medals
* Scarecrows don't walk around anymore.
* helpfile created by Olyn
* fixed shadow mana-building issues
* CABAL CURRENCY helpfile created by Davairus
* Overlord bonus xp comes as a lump sum.
* Solace overlord Merny level increased to reflect level of shopkeepers.
* Made HELP EAVESDROP visible to Freelancers.
* FREELANCER helpfile created by Davairus
* Fixed using new description editor functionality
* Crane kick no longer barrages shields through weapon ward.
* MSDP no longer transmits room information while under terrain spell
* REPUTATION helpfile created by Vanisse
* FACTIONS helpfile created by Vanisse
* Cabal shop costs adjusted for cabal currencies.
* All cabal members will now receive cabal currency for sacrificing rares.
* Adepts can now outcast.
* Religion helpfiles updated to reflect new alliances and rivalries.
* Shadows recall from hometowns again, not Grand Thalos.
* Improved awareness of religious followers for immortals.
* STILLED AIR helpfile created by Davairus
* CYCLONE helpfile created by Davairus
* SLICING WINDS helpfile created by Davairus
* Curse weapon now logs when you spend a death
* Fixed DK cursed weapon not being saved on logout
* Glowing potions can be held with watery eyes
* Fixed searing/corrosive/etc. shuriken targeting
* Wild damage no longer occurs on backstabs charges etc.
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