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February 2017 update summary

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Abandoned Realms

Joined: 23 Jan 2004
Posts: 259

PostPosted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:00 am    Post subject: February 2017 update summary

* Grand Pooh-ba summonable again
* Scrubbed evidence of Justice cabal from Solace room descriptions.
* Forum surge timer is now accurate.
* Updated how Solace hometown is chosen.
* Justice cabal bank has re-opened.
* Justice Cabal now neighbors Seringale.
* Renamed Timaran Ninja guild to Shadow
* DRUID helpfile created by Davairus
* Aliases may no longer contain themselves.
* Updated soiled breeches keywords.
* Updated Alhoon helpfile with their racials and vulns.
* Fixed the Rules plaque in the Academy to show all 10 rules
* Fixed a typo in the Loyalty description in the Graveyard.
* Updated "commands cabal" list
* Scroll fail chance increased when skill proficiency is extremely low.
* Prot creature now gives message when replaced by protection good/evil.
* Valour's pub has been rebranded.
* Fixed problem with freeing prisoners during "Distress Call" quest.
* All overlord mobs now unable to be summoned or charmed.
* Cabal and coterie applicants using autoinduct must now have approved backgrounds.
* The number of mobs with dragon breath has been reduced.
* Cleaned up shuriken throw message against groups.
* Players can now bid on items they cant wear if they can hold it.
* More concentrate skill improvements. Trains faster with hobble.
* Minimum envenom duration increased.
* Emy the Florist is now a gnome.
* Rod of mind spectres restored to anti_good.
* Wildfire no longer persists if caster dies.
* Shoppies now keep the gold from appraisal.
* Fix for people without items buying bulk
* Luminous spear now blinds opponent.
* Fixed fringe issue with surrender and cabal leader light.
* AUTOGRIP helpfile created by Davairus
* Fixed an issue with Tir's quest.
* Master gets credit for quest when charmies get last hit.
* Fixed a control issue with a Mystic power.
* Made Azmorodi and Celeborn speech less spammy for groups.
* giant footmen in ford are giants instead of constructs
* Samrie now has a weapon.
* The webclient now supports persistent triggers.
* Miscreant battle troll is now aggro and evil.
* Training boosts are now available from the Juggernaut in Seringale.
* The protection herb is now a protection creature herb. Apologies.
* Battle hymn no longer appears as so-called fear immunity.
* Various bugfixes
* Issues with tripwire have been fixed.
* Mobs will rewear disarmed shield when eyes stop watering.
* no_fade will now show up on identify.
* Players can no longer receive their cabal currency if item is capped.
* Illusionist phantoms will invade dreams immediately.
* Lawful will remain deputized when criminal hits outlaw status.
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Joined: 16 Jan 2004
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:25 am    Post subject:

Hah even the monthly summaries are bugged.. good thing our bugs are just small stuff like that
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Joined: 09 Feb 2013
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:40 am    Post subject:

is it a bug or is someone actually closing issues with status "fixed"
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