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rules updated

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Abandoned Realms

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2006 6:52 pm    Post subject: rules updated

We've updated HELP RULES. Removed a lot of things which are superfluous
for easy reading. The index file (RULES) will give you the one-sentence
versions, and you can then read any extra helpfiles available from there
(RULE 1-4) to answer some common questions and provide you with some

As for the things that were removed, here is a quick summary.

* detail about what our punishments will be is removed
* "common sense" (Rule 5) is merged with the index, where it'll be read.
* "playerkilling" (Rule 3) is replaced due to being covered already by Rule 2
* Rule 3's replacement is "no afk scripting" which is promoted from rule 5

Also, PK RULES is gone, I'll give you a bit more information on that.
We have decided to update HELP PK to reflect a better understanding
of what we can reasonably enforce. As you will know if you follow the
changes, there are multiple things that have been put into place, working
together to discourage various unwanted behaviours. The foot-long page
of rules on top is unnecessary now, leaving breach of alignment as
the only thing still being violated.

The major change here is just the presentation, but the PK rules thing is
significantly different, so I suggest taking a look at that.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 2006 8:47 pm    Post subject:


These are the rules of Abandoned Realms. They have been created for the
purpose of preserving fun and fairness for all involved. Please make sure
you learn them and abide by them at all times.

* no multiple logins, multi playing, or multi charactering (MULTI)
* stay IN-CHARACTER at all times (RP RULES)
* don't leave characters on life support (SCRIPTING)
* don't interfere with other people's pk ranges (ASSISTANCE)
* no spamming or flooding the screen to annoy others
* don't sexually harass other players
* don't advertise other games or products
* report bugs, don't exploit them
* obey orders from Immortals

If you wish to report a rule violation to the Immortals, use the pray
channel, or write a note. We may not answer, but we are listening.
And remember, if you aren't sure if something is against the game rules,
you can always wait and ask an Immortal before you go ahead and do it.

As you can see thats pretty straight-forward and no-nonsense.

Now there are individual helpfiles: MULTI, RP RULES, SCRIPTING, ASSISTANCE, and what those are is a compendium of examples of what is/isnt, all the common things and some of the uncommon things. Those are the Cadillac versions. We don't have those for every single rule, just the major ones.

As for playerkilling, here is HELP PK:

Playerkilling is encouraged on Abandoned Realms. The most powerful objects
in the game have a finite number, so you'll have to trade with, steal from,
or kill other players for them. You enter a PK range when you reach level ten, or
when you have attained 30,000 experience points, whichever comes *last*. A
character's pk range is modified by its EXP COST. All characters can attack
other characters of a similar level. The maximum level difference for PK range
is eight levels. A character in your PK range is denoted by a PK flag
next to the name on WHO and WHERE lists.

Do not just kill anyone, make sure there is a good ROLEPLAYING REASON. Follow
the alignment and ethos helpfiles for your specific alignment.

However, do not send prays to the heavens about the wrong doings that lead
to your death. The Immortal will only step in when he/she decides that person
has been killing excessively. The idea is to be self-reliant in preparation
for times when an Immortal is not available to help.

Some pointers for staying alive are in HELP TIPS.

Again that should be pretty clear, it falls under the jurisdiction of roleplaying rules (read RP RULES for the Cadillac version), but if you have questions you can throw them out here for us to answer. Before you do that read this post:
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