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Variable resistances and vulnerabilities.

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Abandoned Realms

Joined: 23 Jan 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 1:53 am    Post subject: Variable resistances and vulnerabilities.

Greetings once again, children of the Overlord. I bring you news that
various abilities to resist or suffer vulnerabilities to various types of
attacks are no longer uniform across different races. For instance, avians
no longer suffer as much damage from diseases as giants do from mental
attacks. These vary for both creatures and adventurers alike. For more
information, see the HELP for the race in question: for races with multiple
resistances and/or vulnerabilities, they are always listed from strongest to
weakest. However, there will be no information given as to precisely how
strong or weak any given resistance or vulnerability may be.

Remember, just because two races are resistant to the same thing does not
make them equally resistant, and same for vulnerabilities. Let experience
and experimentation be your guide. May the Overlord grant you wisdom.
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Joined: 20 Jan 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 2:13 am    Post subject:

Vulnerabilities: All vulnerabilities are either the same as or weaker than they used to be. None of the vulnerabilities have been made any stronger. The vast majority of (but not all) mobs have had their vulnerabilities toned down as well.

Resistances: Most resistances are weaker than they used to be, but not all. For example, fire giants are even more resistant to blunt damage than they used to be. Mob resistances are also toned down, but mob immunities are still immune (as you'd expect).

A few notes:

* Of the giants, fire giants have the best physical resistances, and storm giants have the worst. However, storm giants have the best elemental resistances by far (and fire giants have the worst vulnerabilities).
* "Charm" resistances and vulnerabilities refer to specific spells. A partial list include sleep, hob spark, phantasmal griffon, etc. This affects both save and damage against these spells. Charm spells are identified as such in their helpfile.
* Dwarf/duergar magical resist now only apply to magical damage, and do not confer any additional saves. The various resist/vuln afflictive, mental, and maledictive that are listed for various races do add/subtract saves in that particular category (this is NOT listed in your score). This means that dwarves/duergars will no longer be able to save so easily against spells like dispel magic, but other races may now be easier/harder to dispel, blind, etc.
* Don't judge things (especially balance issues) based purely on the helpfile. A race with 5 resistances listed might have 5 crappy ones, while another race with just one resistance listed might resist it extremely strongly. As a rule of thumb though, resistances and vulnerabilities are generally less dramatic than they used to be across the board, though there are plenty of exceptions. Some vulnerabilities are almost negligible, while others are every bit as devastating as they used to be. Feel free to experiment.
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