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TitleRepliesLast replyTime Posted hp/mana gain for pk finish with rend? 3Kornhole
2.1 tnl to 50? Hold my beer. 0
3.Urgria V Abaddon (stream pull) 0
4.Phinax v Cantravi (Stream Pull) 6Cantravi
5.maybe let monks astral walk in redhorne again? 9Kornhole
6.Berserker Raged on Spider, Defiler attacks - what happened? 3BlackWidow
7.Kaadimous vs. Etriedes 1Yuden
8.kiankai vs yuden 2Yuden
9.Athedius vs. Yuden 2Athedius
10.Ardun vs Yuden 3Yuden
11.ardun 37 vs kallex 34 4Ergorion
12.can't win for the sake of winning. 5Nycticora
13.worst luck pking 9Faelon
14.Draen is introduced to Zintam's barrier and reduced to dust yet again. 3Lorne
15.Expanding and Decorating Lairs 1Ergorion
16.Lair Mechanics 0
17.Trelanya elf healer 50 vs Athedius half elf ranger 50 2Cirem
18.Heraldry Fun 2Nycticora
19.nighty night Irene 5Guugrog
20.warrior 27 vs paladin 27 2Weiss