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181.Glerr vs Jagroth 7Jagroth
182.Jagroth vs Zabzilsch (In a way...) 0
183.Jagroth vs Buxiz - the tiebreaker 1Jagroth
184.Jagroth vs Buxiz #2 0
185.Jagroth vs Buxiz 4Buxiz
186.Buxiz the Forgiven (RP) 1Merlandox
187.The Adventurers of YOLOKNIGHT 26Bladefurry
188.NGGGH! 6Cyprian
189.I can't attack, but can get pwnt? 4Vanisse
190.Just another day at the office 2DigitalText
191.Zabzilsch v. Cyprian 4Vanisse
192.This one's for Aydhen 8Ceridwel
193.Aydhen nearly destroying an unprepared Glerr NODEATH 1Ceridwel
194.45sham + 47thief vs 50shadow 1Jagroth
195."Heeeeeeere's LORNE-Y!!!" 0
196.Alas, poor "GODDRIK!?" 0
197.Vezghul vs Aydhen 3Aydhen
198.The Sofa Sleuth & Almighty Tub Advocate Recounts the Tale 3Merlandox
199.Lord Olyn, the God of Storms, Upholstery Liability & Luck Inebriant 1Vanisse
200.Pulvix suicides to Justice 4Merlandox