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241.Found this one on the stream - Qurtoc vs Vidar 0
242.Lylac vs. Lazaric 17Faelon
243.Temur vs Drakin 0
244.Shadow fights monk, keeps ghostwalk up for 30 rounds straight. 15Davairus
245.Saavaak vs Isogai 0
246.Saavaak vs Grimjark 12Saavaak
247.Got wanted by a Justice not in town 23Moondog
248.How does trip work? I tripped him and he rises up within less than a round? 10Isogai
249.Art of Condor... WTF? 14ottif
250.Sevaush vs Lorne (live stream) 1Sevaush
251.Krug vs Kedaleam Live Stream Steal 2Dankmemes
252.Xyvyl vs Khar 6Merlandox
253.Grimjark vs Azhai 1Grimjark
254.I never knew illusions tracked that fast.... 1tayyah
255.thoughts... suggestions? 12Davairus
256.Yvod vs eloth 2Yvod
257.lolath's gift 26Nycticora
258.What happens when you try new things... (without help file to help).... 9Vanisse
259.Kerkik Vs Yvod (Equipment vs Basic Outfit + Training) 22Golh
260.Not staying alert at the dummy? 0