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321.Morzan vs Grimjark 4th Duel 0
322.Morzan Vs Grimjark 3rd duel 0
323.Morzan Vs Nyrcia 3rd duel 2Mikoos
324.Vidar V Termas Round 1 0
325.Vidar V Termas Round 2 0
326.Narun vs. Falox 2 1Grimfrakk
327.Narun vs. Falox 1 0
328.weapons! a monks best friend? 12Grimjark
329.Executor & Keeper Discuss Balance (Potential Birth of a War) 0
330.bullying heralds? not on termas's watch! 2Ibonix
331.Morzan Vs Azhai 2Blyx Foulwing
332.Grimmfrak vs Termas 2Eidran
333.tripping Varliv 0
334.Morzan Vs Termas 2nd Duel 0
335.Morzan Vs Termas 1st duel 2Ibonix
336....fighting someone stronger is part of the gauntlet is it not?? 6Isogai
337.Morzan Vs Grimjark 2nd duel 2Ozaru
338.Morzan Vs Grimjark 1st duel 0
339.Vidar V Grimfrakk 7Grimfrakk
340.Isogai vs Narun (Stun, Arena) 1Narun