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21.Zoat smote, gets kill stealed 2Grilidan
22.Zoat smote, goats all over Sarsah 1Merlandox
23.Rangers has nothing against shadowform? 4Grilidan
24.The 1st Duel Nordos Vs Legedus 0
25.Zoat gets smote (stream pull) 3Zoat
26.Viscount Zoat Strikes again! 2Zoat
27.Zoat scores a double kill 1Merlandox
28.Druid vs Monk (Full duel this time) 4Aryel
29.Druid vs Monk 10Aryel
30.Druid vs Dark Knight round 2 19Nycticora
31.Druid vs Dark Knight round 1 0
32.Corzu vs Gradible 5Davairus
33.The fall of Baraza! 20Syena
34.knights vs "the gang squad" 2tayyah
35.Luthir vs Grilidan 14Ergorion
36.Ssaahwn vs Vrela 6Bladefurry
37.Grilidan vs Sarsah Juggernaut stream 3tayyah
38.Sarsah vs Knabra (stream) 0
39.Luthir vs Knabra 6tayyah
40.Cedowyl & Thedius vs Mazush and Luthir 0