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421.Garv vs Darzavius and Kerinder 9Ceridwel
422.Palvros gets ganked by 2 monks. 9Davairus
423.Bfornmak vs Chym 2Chym
424.Darzavius caught slippin. 5Davairus
425.Kewlin vs Sukyen 2Sukyen
426.Garv vs Darzavius part 2 0
427.Garv vs Darzavius 0
428.Darzavius vs. Garv twice 1Garv
429.Garv vs Darzavius 7Garv
430.How to give up your Oath 10Xynth
431.Koivu vs Godrak 7Kornhole
432.Justice is served.....Rohandric vs Vahn 2Rohandric
433.Learn at my expense 14Marest
434.Koivu vs Darzavius 1Koivu
435.The chaos dragon comes to Thera - log from 2013 3Kornhole
436.Nycticora getting schooled on monks in 2002 2Ozgun
437.Koivu vs Uvet 6Kornhole
438.Koivu vs Uvet 9Faelon
439.Garv vs Darzavius, Part 2: The Retrieval 3Garv
440.Garv vs Darzavius 9Jank