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521.Wreitha fails to pay a fine and is eventually executed. 7Faelon
522.unspeakable things at LvL 25 lol 4Nycticora
523.Marest v Darzan 4Davairus
524.Rohandric vs Chaos 3Faelon
525.Morthil goes down again 15beia
526.Voglin VS Rohandric 5Korvut
527.Morthil the Retarded 17Faelon
528.Bers too complicated 12Ergorion
529.Please Nerf Thief 9Etel what 6Voglin what 9Xenyar
532.Voglin rapes Drakkin 8Ergorion
533.Darzan versus his own stupidity (2 deaths) 53beia
534.A true thief always attempts (Darzan is a Scrub) 0
535.Murder Death Kill, Knight party! 18Nycticora
536.Morthil gets ganged 5Kornhole
537.Darzavius' last stand 4Kornhole
538.Marest V Darzan - No Death 0
539.Morthil vs Voglin 7Andrael
540.Voglin gets (WANTED). 3Voglin