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521.Throw, Chii Bolt 7Tatsu
522.not nekked w/aura vs. Lorne 10Lorne
523.nekked w/o aura beats fully geared Legion 13m1coftw
524.Why is this allowed 27Mikoos
525.Etel vs Lexian 8Kornhole
526.Rohandric vs Chenzen (friendly duel) 0
527.Tylon gets assassinated. Zerker Style. 1Kornhole
528.Tylon vs Lexian 2Ergorion
529.Garv vs Darzavius and Kerinder 9Ceridwel
530.Palvros gets ganked by 2 monks. 9Davairus
531.Bfornmak vs Chym 2Chym
532.Darzavius caught slippin. 5Davairus
533.Kewlin vs Sukyen 2Sukyen
534.Garv vs Darzavius part 2 0
535.Garv vs Darzavius 0
536.Darzavius vs. Garv twice 1Garv
537.Garv vs Darzavius 7Garv
538.How to give up your Oath 10Xynth
539.Koivu vs Godrak 7Kornhole
540.Justice is served.....Rohandric vs Vahn 2Rohandric