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521.Jef beats Dorgen 0
522.Hathnrak vs Darzavius 3Darzavius
523.An exciting way to die 7Andrael
524.Rhencal VS Asarec 5Asarec
525.Hathnrak vs Asarec 2Faelon
526.Kewlin vs Thorrik 1Kewlin
527.Thorrik vs. Kaann (Bad ending) 0
528.41 Warrior destroyed by 35 Berserker 6Ergorion
529.Ugordek vs Darzavius 1Andrael
530.Rheloth v Fynth Second Fight 0
531.Rheloth v Fynth (Old.. obviously) First Fight 0
532.Giatram vs. Tylon 0
533.Tarn vs Szrabac (Not even a chance) 2Davairus
534.Giatram vs. Erylium 1Nycticora
535.Henald vs Balan 0
536.The life of a Keeper, Tyden vs Balan 2Balan
537.A gnome getting max stats with noexp at level 1 2Nycticora
538.Giatram vs. A huge troll 6Clifton
539.Yarbok vs. Filstaf 0
540.RP: Grumkin becomes a goblin 2Mr. Forgotten