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41.The Thirteen has revealed themselves, or have they? 0
42.Mazush vs Elardowyn 6Saavaak
43.Mazush vs Auhror 6Mazush
44.Screw zombies, Dagnir is all you need! 6Mazush
45.Thedius Vs Mazush Vs Hunger 2Mazush
46.This is why you need hitroll :P 2Thedius
47.Shit just got interesting 0
48.Mazush vs two FIVE STAR Wanteds in town 65Kedaleam
49.Liahwhar vs Nico 9Davairus
50.The keeper duo stricks again! 0
51.Knights vs the undead(with the help of a golem!) 2tayyah
52.The creation of Luthir(read intro)((Very long)) 0
53.Ladoga vs Dhaartnab (not very edited) 0
54.The creation of Dhaartnab 0
55.Thug life... 9lolath
56.It's not rape, it's surprise buttsex 4Raukh
57.Mazush (in red dragon) vs Orus 19Mazush
58.Luthir 50 vs Grakkus 25 6Grakkus
59.Keepers = The New Legion? 60Kedaleam
60.So ya - avoid Storm Hill if you're anathema 1Davairus