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581.Death by Yorrick and mud crash 6Garv
582.Necromancers can still kill berserkers 1Jimross
583.Mino Zerker vs Monk 2 fights 2Davairus
584.War? 25Davairus
585.Monk vs invoker round 2 1Gwaldrin
586.Monk vs Invoker 0
587.Chaos Dragon 0
588.Garv vs Fasolt 3Jimross
589.Darzavius vs Marest 20Nycticora
590.Raxurg vs Javey, Torath, aka Raxurg goes to war and shits himself(literally) 1Gortigin
591.Raxurg vs Uvet 5, aka Uvet the parrying Necro 16Davairus
592.Raxurg vs Uvet 3 & 4 #Necromancer #PvP 2Thorgoth
593.Magauls vs Laroni (Aka keep your wits about you when training on the dummy) 2Ergorion
594.Raxurg vs Uvet 2 #Necros #PvP 4Darzavius
595.Raxurg vs Torath 0
596.Raxurg vs Amiendre 0
597.Raxurg vs Uvet 0
598.Murciel vs Duarte (old, for archival purposes) 0
599.Dorgen vs Lorne 2 - Less embarrasing this time 1Ozaru
600.Dorgen vs Lorne - Did anybody get the license plate of that truck? 0