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601.Tarn vs Szrabac (Not even a chance) 2Davairus
602.Giatram vs. Erylium 1Nycticora
603.Henald vs Balan 0
604.The life of a Keeper, Tyden vs Balan 2Balan
605.A gnome getting max stats with noexp at level 1 2Nycticora
606.Giatram vs. A huge troll 6Clifton
607.Yarbok vs. Filstaf 0
608.RP: Grumkin becomes a goblin 2Mr. Forgotten
609.This is why Fynth has 100% efficiency 34Arunore
610.Gretya vs Daosean 3Vevier
611.Hathnrak vs Stela 0
612.Hathnrak vs Vlasicus 2 0
613.Hathnrak vs Vlasicus 1 1Nycticora
614.Gretya vs Ugordek 1Arunore
615.Gretya vs Lolath 2 3Ergorion
616.Gretya vs Lolath 1 1Aaroll
617.Gerthazak attempts Yarbok's life 0
618.Gretya vs Kewlin third fight 5Xenyar
619.Gretya vs Kewlin 0
620.Gretya vs Adaus 0