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621.Raxurg vs Uvet 5, aka Uvet the parrying Necro 16Davairus
622.Raxurg vs Uvet 3 & 4 #Necromancer #PvP 2Thorgoth
623.Magauls vs Laroni (Aka keep your wits about you when training on the dummy) 2Ergorion
624.Raxurg vs Uvet 2 #Necros #PvP 4Darzavius
625.Raxurg vs Torath 0
626.Raxurg vs Amiendre 0
627.Raxurg vs Uvet 0
628.Murciel vs Duarte (old, for archival purposes) 0
629.Dorgen vs Lorne 2 - Less embarrasing this time 1Ozaru
630.Dorgen vs Lorne - Did anybody get the license plate of that truck? 0
631.Dorgen vs Marest - Momentum shift 1Vevier
632.Dorgen vs Garv - right down to the wire 6jaux
633.A Promise Made, A Promise Kept. 11Davairus
634.Garv vs Henald 1Garv
635.Draku vs Glacien 7Draku
636.warlord ptsd 6Kornhole
637.Henald vs Xasvack (Bugged fight) 2Davairus
638.Magalus 31 vs Elios 31 1Magalus
639.Cthartu v Darzavius 6Davairus
640.Hathnrak vs Jeief and asarec 1Kornhole