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61.I sense multi 17Nycticora
62.Dead!!! 4Agrerrogod
63.Agrerrogod twice 2tayyah
64.GOT PWNED 1Agrerrogod
65.raleck vs agrerrogod (BOTH fights stream) 0
66.Mishtkah vs Nico DBL DEATH 1Stephen2Aus
67.Mishtkah vs Agrerrogod 1Ergorion
68.mishtkah vs Agrerrogod round 2 0
69.Mishtkah vs ederiwyn 2 0
70.Mishtkah vs Auhror 1Merlandox
71.Mishtkah dies 4Agrerrogod
72.Mishtkah vs Vakras and Firithien 0
73.Good lord 5Ederiwyn
74.Jomino takes out Firithien 4Jomino
75.lourch vs agrerrogod VENDETTA! 10Nadrin
76.Lowbie fun! 1Nycticora
77.agrerrogod vs eilayah 5Agrerrogod
78.Le Pwn 3Ergorion :D 21Davairus
80.Fun roleplay, and a cunning plan that almost worked 3Nadrin