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81.minxt vs phahrdrah (stream) abduct 0
82.Minxt v Jhinn (stream) 1Eox
83.Cedowyl vs Minxt 8Vertas
84.Phahrdrah vs Jhinn 1Kedaleam
85.Phahrdrah vs Carava 8Nycticora
86.Yeah we need to change this... 19Ergorion
87.Cedowyl vs Rakkin 1Kedaleam
88.Wiri vs Lofang (With rage) 1Kornhole
89.Nadreck VS Galiene 0
90.Nadreck VS Rakkin 3Kedaleam
91.Knag vs Gairn (Stream Pull) 1Eox
92.Fuck windmill cleave and shadowform 3tayyah
93.Vauwyn vs Shin (stream steal) 13Phostan
94.Druid vs Monk 2Ceridwel
95.Druid vs Ranger 2 1Kedaleam
96.Druid vs Ranger 1 2Lorne
97.Zoats smote, fights knights again! 0
98.fight #3 0
99.fight #2 0
100.Fall of Valour, fight 1 0