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141.Cedowyl and Auhror vs Awfhar 6Faelon
142.A Strythoween Mystery 1DigitalText
143.Young Davairus in action (The good ol' days of AR) 6Stephen2Aus
144.Jagroth vs Rhuul 7Xenyar
145.Temur Vs Jagroth #1 Another close fight... Long log 1DigitalText
147.Glerr vs Jagroth 7Jagroth
148.Jagroth vs Zabzilsch (In a way...) 0
149.Jagroth vs Buxiz - the tiebreaker 1Jagroth
150.Jagroth vs Buxiz #2 0
151.Jagroth vs Buxiz 4Buxiz
152.Buxiz the Forgiven (RP) 1Merlandox
153.The Adventurers of YOLOKNIGHT 26Bladefurry
154.NGGGH! 6Cyprian
155.I can't attack, but can get pwnt? 4Vanisse
156.Just another day at the office 2DigitalText
157.Zabzilsch v. Cyprian 4Vanisse
158.This one's for Aydhen 8Ceridwel
159.Aydhen nearly destroying an unprepared Glerr NODEATH 1Ceridwel
160.45sham + 47thief vs 50shadow 1Jagroth