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TitleRepliesLast replyTime Posted hp/mana gain for pk finish with rend? 5Nadrin
2.Trip wire bug 4Davairus
3.Phahrdrah finds a bug and cheeses it 5Fjordam
4.Phahrdrah vs Adrierra 3Nycticora
5.Cedowyl and Kaareg vs Luthir and Mazush (sentencing loophole/bug) 11Davairus
6.Tenors vs Tenors: let's see who's better at running blind 17Kedaleam
7.Bug with unread notes 1Cyprian
8.I can't attack, but can get pwnt? 4Vanisse
9.Grimjark vs Isogai [Two-handed vs Crane] 5Grimjark
10.Definitely a unintended ghostwalk function 24Davairus
11.Isogai vs Shikuro (Stream) 44Isogai
12.I never knew illusions tracked that fast.... 1tayyah
13.Ibrayin vs Inned 13Talyri
14.Fun while it lasted! 2ewils03
15.Giatram vs. A huge troll 6Clifton
16.Pretty dope tattoo 0
17.45 Gretya vs 50 Jentid 1Libera
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