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1.Druid vs Monk 2Ceridwel
2.Druid vs Ranger 2 1Kedaleam
3.Druid vs Ranger 1 2Lorne
4.Zoats smote, fights knights again! 0
5.fight #3 0
6.fight #2 0
7.Fall of Valour, fight 1 0
8.The Fall of Valour 1Faelon
9.Please change this.... 14tayyah
10.Zoat smote! fought chaut 3Vertas
11.Zoat smote, fights knights! 0
12.Zoat Smote! goats again! 0
13.Zoat smote, gets kill stealed 2Grilidan
14.Zoat smote, goats all over Sarsah 1Merlandox
15.Rangers has nothing against shadowform? 4Grilidan
16.The 1st Duel Nordos Vs Legedus 0
17.Zoat gets smote (stream pull) 3Zoat
18.Viscount Zoat Strikes again! 2Zoat
19.Zoat scores a double kill 1Merlandox
20.Druid vs Monk (Full duel this time) 4Aryel