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1.Pants: down 0
2.Never take your eyes off the prize 3Kuruk
3.Khiotha versus Morgarl 0
4.fizben 50 vs skyles 50 0
5.Lorawyn 50 vs Skyles 50 0
6.Tordin VS Grmillius (Stream Pull) 2Kornhole back is a bitch 5Trealzebub
8.smokin thieves. 1Junney
9.What would zafrin do? 9Vevier
10.This ones for you Chaut 1ottif
11.The DEVASTATING storm pt II 1Kharklhin
12.The DEVASTATING storm 0
13.Minxt vs Chibaen stream: "Eyes off" 15Davairus
14.Phahrdrah vs Carava 8Nycticora
15.Knag vs Gairn (Stream Pull) 1Eox
16.Zoat scores a double kill 1Merlandox
17.Luthir vs Grilidan 14Ergorion
18.What a dick way to die... 0
19.Mazush vs Elardowyn 6Saavaak
20.This is why you need hitroll :P 2Thedius
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