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TitleRepliesLast replyTime Posted fucking hell 45Vevier
2.Panic at the disco! 0
3.Veromos vs Jorax + special guard. Dedicated to Oxil <3 15Jorax
4.Outlaws Veromos 'n Luc vs 'dem Knights, Nobles 'n Lawmen! 6Lorne
5.Veromos vs 'dem Commanders 'n special needs guard! 13Nycticora
6.Veromos vs 'dem Commanders 8Davairus
7.Something's brewing! 0
8.Cedowyl vs Grugel (full) 2Kedaleam
9.What would zafrin do? 9Vevier
10.Cedowyl vs Phahrdrah 0
11.Cedowyl vs Chaut 38Davairus
12.Cedowyl vs Minxt 8Vertas
13.Cedowyl vs Rakkin 1Kedaleam
14.Cedowyl & Thedius vs Mazush and Luthir 0
15.Cedowyl and Kaareg vs Luthir and Mazush (sentencing loophole/bug) 11Davairus
16.What a dick way to die... 0
17.Mazush vs Auhror 6Mazush
18.Screw zombies, Dagnir is all you need! 6Mazush
19.Thedius Vs Mazush Vs Hunger 2Mazush
20.This is why you need hitroll :P 2Thedius
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