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1.Pants: down 6Nycticora
2.Karea vs. Karzhk 8Kalist19
3.Druid vs Monk 2Ceridwel
4.Druid vs Ranger 2 1Kedaleam
5.Druid vs Ranger 1 2Lorne
6.Druid vs Monk (Full duel this time) 4Aryel
7.Druid vs Monk 10Aryel
8.Druid vs Dark Knight round 2 19Nycticora
9.Druid vs Dark Knight round 1 0
10.Gnome smoothie 14Davairus
11.The Appointment 7Goron
12.tripping Varliv 0
13.The Tale of Varliv's Pocket 4Vanisse
14.Ooops? Raiding gone bad. 1Trinne
15.Drakkin and Goron vs. Grazztyn 9Mr. Forgotten
16.Chaos Dragon 0
17.Raxurg vs Javey, Torath, aka Raxurg goes to war and shits himself(literally) 1Gortigin
18.Raxurg vs Torath 0
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