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1.Veromos vs Jorax + special guard. Dedicated to Oxil <3 3Jorax
2.Outlaws Veromos 'n Luc vs 'dem Knights, Nobles 'n Lawmen! 6Lorne
3.Veromos vs 'dem Commanders 'n special needs guard! 13Nycticora
4.Veromos vs 'dem Commanders 8Davairus
5.Veromos vs Weawin, surprise revenge 11Nycticora
6.Something's brewing! 0
7.This is what is wrong with the game 11Nycticora
8.This shit never changes, that's why you are losing players 26Nycticora
9.Sometimes ye jus' git bored! 0
10.When backstabs backfire 4Veromos
11.Zsai vs Veromos 0
12.My first real PK in AR 26Rownen
13.illusionist vs monk 8Ergorion
14.Cheese 3Valryn
15.Phahrdrah finds a bug and cheeses it 5Fjordam
16.Phahrdrah vs Adrierra 3Nycticora
17.chaut v grugel no edit at all 0
18.Cedowyl vs Grugel (full) 2Kedaleam
19.What would zafrin do? 9Vevier
20.Phahrdrah vs Kianna 0