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1.Veromos vs Weawin, surprise revenge 11Nycticora
2.Screw zombies, Dagnir is all you need! 6Mazush
3.It's not rape, it's surprise buttsex 4Raukh
4.Nico vs Dhaartnab (stream) 4Nico
5.Kiuril is dead!! But common sense prevails in the end. 5Faelon
6.pimped keeper eq vs guild issue (get slapped) 6Agrerrogod
7.Aydhen nearly destroying an unprepared Glerr NODEATH 1Ceridwel
8.45sham + 47thief vs 50shadow 1Jagroth
9.50TH LEVEL WARRIORS elf ivendel vs ofel firegiant. stream battle 14ottif
10.Yvod vs eloth 2Yvod
11.rofl ONE after the other 10Ferwen
12.Darzan versus his own stupidity (2 deaths) 53beia
13.Murder Death Kill, Knight party! 18Nycticora
14.Murciel vs Raldric 7Vanisse
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