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1.This shit never changes, that's why you are losing players 26Nycticora
2.Sometimes ye jus' git bored! 0
3.Cedowyl vs Chaut 38Davairus
4.The DEVASTATING storm pt II 1Kharklhin
5.The DEVASTATING storm 0
6.Minxt vs Chibaen stream: "Eyes off" 15Davairus
7.Sarsah vs Knabra (stream) 0
8.Thedius Vs Mazush Vs Hunger 2Mazush
9.Keepers = The New Legion? 60Kedaleam
10.Surprise attack did not end well for Lucide 3Nycticora
11.Gradible vs golem 13Nycticora
12.Jomino takes out Numlak 12tayyah
13.#rage 6DigitalText
14.Young Davairus in action (The good ol' days of AR) 6Stephen2Aus
15.Astenos vs Shaldwyn II 5DigitalText
16.Multi-kill retard 7Huulvorc
17.Eywin vs Hutto, scarecrow training ambush 1Kornhole
18.17 Kamil vs 14 Yron 18Stephen2Aus
19.lolath's gift 26Nycticora
20.Vidar V Ferwen 4Breven
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