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The Fall of Valour

posted on 2017-09-03 16:28:17
***first killing***

tell sarsah The army grows and grows... While you waver and falter. You could join us... It would be less painful.

Sarsah tells you 'The Light will protect us.'

You tell Sarsah 'Its doing such a great job of that.'

You tell Sarsah 'I enjoy the sport in this, your fear drives me.'

Sarsah tells you 'You are truly evil.'

Sarsah tells you 'I don't fear you.'

You tell Sarsah 'You are a terrible liar.'

You tell Sarsah 'You should leave that to me.'

Sarsah tells you 'You knot nothing about me.'

You tell Sarsah 'I know you begin shaking when ever I come near you.'

You tell Sarsah 'I see it in your actions.'

You tell Sarsah 'Faltered, wavering.'

You tell Sarsah 'Unsure.'

You tell Sarsah 'Its amusing.'

Sarsah tells you 'That isn't true, I don't tremble.'

You tell Sarsah 'You cant even speak without the tremble in your voice.'

You tell Sarsah 'I hear it.'

Sarsah tells you 'Silence!'

You tell Sarsah 'Has that worked for you yet?'

You tell Sarsah 'I'll end you all.'

Sarsah tells you 'I will stop you, I'll never join you.'

You tell Sarsah 'You wont stop me, not even if there were three of you.'

You tell Sarsah 'You kicked me while I Was down, this is your own creation.'

You tell Sarsah 'You all drove me to this.'

Sarsah tells you 'I fight with honor. When did I kick you while you were down?'

You tell Sarsah 'Long before I was an Unholy Knight.'

Sarsah tells you 'You have been threatening me for years.'

You tell Sarsah 'You were so cocky, the golden dragon awaits.'

You tell Sarsah 'Hows that working for you?'

Sarsah tells you 'I was being polite I wasn't trying to be rude.'

You tell Sarsah 'It is your only option, join us, or nothingness.'

***second killing***

You tell Sarsah 'Those wounds, must be piling up.'

Sarsah tells you 'Quiet I am fine...'

You tell Sarsah 'I could save you.'

You tell Sarsah 'You could be my little pet.'

Sarsah tells you 'You are insane!'

You tell Sarsah 'I don't think so... am I?'

You tell Sarsah 'My decisions are quite rational most of the time.'

You tell Sarsah 'Anything has to be better than this.'

Sarsah tells you 'I don't understand.'

Sarsah tells you 'You strike me so hard.'

You tell Sarsah 'Compared to what?'

Sarsah tells you 'Compared to anyone else I have fought.'

You tell Sarsah 'I have been busy.'

Sarsah tells you 'You are quite strong, but you are evil.'

You tell Sarsah 'Its a full package deal.'

You tell Sarsah 'You will never meet someone like me.'

You tell Sarsah 'I wonder if they will reinstill Lolath when you are gone, or if it will just pass on to the next one.'

Sarsah tells you 'I am still here.'

You tell Sarsah 'I see that.'

You tell Sarsah 'One step closer to my goals.'

Sarsah tells you 'What are you trying to save me from?'

You tell Sarsah 'Yourself.'

Sarsah tells you 'Why do you care?'

Sarsah tells you 'This is madness...'

You tell Sarsah 'You are insane!'

ou tell Sarsah 'The madness, are you hearing voices too?'

Sarsah tells you 'I'm not listening to them.'

Sarsah tells you 'This is your evil magic?'

You tell Sarsah 'Pretty powerful no?'

Sarsah tells you 'It exhausts me can you keep the voices at bay?'

Sarsah tells you 'No! I must stop them myself, for the Light!'

You tell Sarsah 'The light is weak and feeble, I am all powerful.'

Sarsah tells you 'The light will protect me.'

***killing #3***

Sarsah tells you 'You have bested me so much, I cannot keep at this...'

You tell Sarsah 'My little pet.'

Sarsah tells you 'Can you give me life?'

You tell Sarsah 'I can stop giving you death.'

You tell Sarsah 'Is that not the same thing?'

Sarsah tells you 'I want to be ageless I thought your power was unimaginable?'

You tell Sarsah 'I am still mortal.'

You tell Sarsah 'My powers are limited to what is granted to me by the gods.'

Sarsah tells you 'What must I Do?'

You tell Sarsah 'Renounce your faith, I'll take you under my wing, my little pet.'

Sarsah tells you 'I must tell the others, I owe it to them for what I am about to do...'

You tell Sarsah 'Do what ever you feel you need to my pet.'

Sarsah tells you 'How do you propose I go about renouncing?'

You tell Sarsah 'I don't know, I have never had the faith to renounce. My faith is in death... and it always comes.'

You tell Sarsah 'We'll talk more, consider the proposal.'

***so here I quit, I had some shit to do. when I quit, I still had the crown of valour***

You tell Sarsah 'You didn't take back the crown, excellent, do you see now that its rightful place is with us?'

Sarsah tells you 'Aye...perhaps you are right.'

You tell Sarsah 'I have always been right.'

You tell Sarsah 'I told you, you just took a long time to realise.'

Sarsah tells you 'I am a bit confused...I feel like I should write something to someone.'

You tell Sarsah 'Do what ever you need to my pet.'

Sarsah tells you 'Can you promise me life?'

You tell Sarsah 'Promises are for children.'

You tell Sarsah 'But I'll keep you safe my pet.'

You tell Sarsah 'I'm going to have to think of a name for my pet.'

You whisper to Sarsah 'The right choice is infront of you... Just make it.'

[LEGION] A Shadowdemon Guardian: 'Zoat has issued an order to return cabal items.'
A Shadowdemon Guardian leaves in a hurry.

You tell Sarsah 'There my pet, I have returned the crown for now.'

Sarsah tells you 'Voices..'

You tell Sarsah 'I cant be hurting you anymore if you are to be mine.'

You tell Sarsah 'Put up a front for now.'

You tell Sarsah 'You are the Executor my Pet.'

Sarsah tells you 'A front.. what of my the letter?'

You tell Sarsah 'Did you send it?'

Sarsah tells you 'I didn't.'

You tell Sarsah 'Well dont.'

You tell Sarsah 'Destroy it.'

Sarsah tells you 'It has been destroyed.'

You lick Sarsah's jawline delicately.

Sarsah twitches nervously.

You say 'Continue being the Executor for now.'

You say 'There are great things to come.'

Sarsah utters with placid interest 'Great things.'

Sarsah utters 'You are intimidating.'

You say 'You needn't fear me now my pet.'

You say 'I will protect you.'

Sarsah utters 'Truly?'

Sarsah utters 'You desire to be called master?'

You say 'I am already master.'

You say 'The moment you left without the crown.'

You say 'You were mine.'

Sarsah utters 'What will happen now?'

You say 'Oh, Its better if you don't know everything.'

You whisper to Sarsah 'Everything will be fine.... continue as if nothing happened.'

Sarsah tells you 'Out of my head!'

You tell Sarsah 'Excuse me?'

Sarsah tells you 'I am sorry, the voices..'

You tell Sarsah 'It is because you chose the wrong path in life, they will stop when you are fully mine, my pet.'

You tell Sarsah 'I have returned the crown, you can continue about your business, or we can fight. I wont kill you again.'

You tell Sarsah 'But I need you to pretend to be the Executor for a bit, can you do that my pet?'

Sarsah tells you 'Aye..'

Sarsah tells you 'How long must I pretend?'

You tell Sarsah 'Just a little while.'

You tell Sarsah 'I can rule all of Serin, my pet, you can be part of that.'

Sarsah tells you 'Should I attack you to pretend?'

You tell Sarsah 'Aye, we must keep up the facade.'

Sarsah tells you 'Gairn was never around...'

You tell Sarsah 'I have fought him alot.'

tell Sarsah 'Always wearing Malicious beast, I am looking forward to seeing him now.'

Sarsah tells you 'You should know about us. He wants to court me.'

You tell Sarsah 'My pet? not likely.'

You tell Sarsah 'How safe has he kept you?'

You tell Sarsah 'How much does he even talk to you?'

You tell Sarsah 'Not a word, I talk to him like I used to to talk to you.'

Sarsah tells you 'I use to be safe with him, and our conversations have long since grown quiet.'

You tell Sarsah 'I have never heard his voice.'

You say 'Kneel.'

Sarsah lowers herself to one knee.

You say 'I just needed to be sure.'

You say 'There will come a time you will have to renounce the light.'

You say 'It will not be a pleseant thing to do.'

Sarsah utters 'How will I know its time?'

You say 'The voices will become clear.'

Sarsah nods.

You lick Sarsah's jawline delicately.

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