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This is what is wrong with the game

posted on 2018-05-22 04:08:07
Motha gets finely crafted silver platemail from the corpse of Calamir.
Motha drops finely crafted silver platemail with a grimace.

Motha gets 'Sunfire', the bladed staff of enlightenment from the corpse of Calamir.
Motha quickly drops 'Sunfire', the bladed staff of enlightenment with a grimace.

Motha sacrifices 'Sunfire', the bladed staff of enlightenment to Resatimm.

Correct me if I am wrong but that staff is a good only item that you have to request. how did a level 30 paladin get a level 50 request only item? I think the silver plate the holder is neutral,
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  1. Thanks you for reporting this. It is being investigated.
      [reply to Ceridwel]
    1. This stuff was picked up from the ground. Just like level 25 ranger wielding the Un-Rkizk-something trident of massacre.

      It's not our fault that high levels clutter the realm.
      1. Also both come from the same mob. And it is a good aligned mob indeed. I picked this up when I was level 4 I believe. I went to scavenge whole of Serin literally, also found platinum stuff and hallowed blade.

        None of this I really cared for, it was more important to find proper armor for AC.

        I still believe that items should decay from ground or be cleaned every now and then.
      2. what about when the dude logged in his alt and killed diana with it and then you beelined for diana and picked up all the platinum
      3. The only thing that was suspicious to me during that time was that a certain player giving / killing gear for those few lowbies who were online and then proceeding to make a fresh level 1 character.

        I thought of two reasons:
        1) Killing stuff on high level to pick up with his/her lowbie.
        2) Getting couple of items for few people who could potentially help to power-level his/her lowbie.

        I scavenged all I could find, from everywhere. Perhaps even "stole" something from what whoever was scheming. Sadly, I do not have friends here who would ever help me with anything, so when I make a lowbie, I simply search items on the ground from popular places and often follow high-levels when they are getting one specific item and leaving the crap laying around. I also offer gold when I am higher level for stuff like red dragon etc.

        Honestly, never cared about "good" items, I've found stuff like Demonflame, etc. just laying on ground and left it there before with my low level chars.

        But you kind of learn how to fetch and fend for yourself when you play 90% of the time solo. And I'd rather master the art of "re-equipping" on my own than with anyone's help, thanks.
      4. And if you've ever seen me on a higher level character, you can see how I sometimes spend hours to kill one specific mob for one item and ALWAYS sacrifice what would otherwise be left no the ground. Simply to avoid scenarios like these or forgetting about it and picking up like a set of dark oak with my lowbie 4 days later because I don't know if it was my char who killed it or someone else during that time and to avoid feeding eq by accident (I've read all the rules, and strictly abiding by them).

        Just how I see things.
      5. I thought of two reasons:
        1) Killing stuff on high level to pick up with his/her lowbie.
        2) Getting couple of items for few people who could potentially help to power-level his/her lowbie.

        KEEP THINKING bro. Not everything is so fuckin black and white in the world. I know who you play anyway, you're just a noob who cant even kill shitty shaman with Sunfire haha
        Whatever you think doesn't matter bitch
      6. The compassion I felt for you just vanished, Munn.
      [reply to Calamir]
    2. Gotta say, this ain't the first time fishy things happened by far. I remember one time a few years back I saw the Centurion's wand and his golden kite shield on the ground with a level 50 character, and I was thinking to myself, "hmm, some evil dude must've killed the Centurion for the polearm and left this stuff here."

      Then a day or two later (with the same level 50), I saw a level 25 character waiting to be squired by the Knights, and he had the Centurion's polearm. Now THAT looked fishy.
      1. Please feel free to report stuff like that, our systems are sophisticated enough to check into these things, and it would help point us to what items to use them on (which is happening all the time already btw). That sounds like a case that we could have punished if we had known. This also applies to any other "fishy" looking items. My guess is it was just looted and sold on the auction house.
      2. we probably did catch it actually, I recall a similar situation where I nailed someone
      [reply to BlackWidow]

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