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lol fucking hell

posted on 2018-07-13 03:27:53
The Pool in the Sewer
*-*-* * | You stand in water that reaches up to your waist. To
| | | | | the north is the entrance to this room. A single door
* S * *-*| leads east.
| | | ||
* @-* *|

[Exits: north east]
(Translucent) (White Aura) Trelanya the Holy Matriarch of Healing is here.
(White Aura) Jorax the Commander of Justice is here.

<187hp 188m 379mv> no opponent aggressive Jorax yells 'Help! I am being attacked by Taor!'
[***] Jorax parries your sting.
Your sting DISEMBOWELS Jorax!
Jorax is in awful condition.

<187hp 188m 379mv> shaft aggressive
[** ] You block Jorax's attack with your shield.
Jorax's thrust mauls you.
[** ] You block Jorax's attack with your shield.
Your sting DISMEMBERS Jorax!
Jorax's skin crystallizes over in response to his severe trauma.
Your sting DISMEMBERS Jorax!
Jorax is stunned, but will probably recover.
Jorax is in awful condition.

<166hp 188m 379mv> shaft aggressive harm Jorax
Your harm spell MANGLES Jorax!
Jorax is DEAD!!
Jorax's arm is dismembered from his dead body.
You are now WANTED! <--- wtf bs


Backstory: Jorax and Trelanya carebear it up in Winter. I go summon Jorax off and kick him around until they both
recall to town. I then go invade.
Several times Jorax comes to defend, gets his ass kicked, goes to Trelanya for heals and comes back.
After like 10 times of kicking him out of his cabal, I suppose Trelanya runs out of mana and they go
rege somewhere. Meanwhile I finish vindicator and take Fist.

I then take it to sewers, wait forever until they come.
When they come, they don't even bother to go for the Fist. So I was curious what's their plan, shouldn't
retrieval be #1 priority not chasing NON-CRIMINAL around in circles for a good while?
So anyway, I decided fuck it, I'll just beat them up Orc style.

And then I get wanted because I'm still an Intruder BUT I'm unable to pay off my intruder fine because Jorax
never goes to retrieve.

TL;DR Jorax doesn't retrieve Fist because he knows I can't pay fine and get wanted anyway for cheap
upper hand. Epic Good Paladin RP right there. I die a while later because like an idiot I go fighting back vs Jorax, Kuraga, Trelanya and go for murder without noticing that my aura had gotten off like 2 room dirs ago lol :P GG!


  1. I will say one thing. Kudos not immediately ducking out when Kuraga showed up. Totally what I expected to happen. As it is, I am done fighting on everyone else's terms. You were in the sewers clearly to defend the fist and try and attack me there. Attacking the threat/intruder holds as much weight as actually attacking the mob to get the item back. By you not leaving the area I can only assume that you are going to attack as soon as I go for the fist, and why would I give you the advantage again? Bad enough you have joined forces with Luc those other times, including the time my internet connection went out and I woke up in my temple moments after dying to come back to an afkdeathfulllootftw.
      [reply to Jorax]
    1. I never planned to quit out, that's your style :P I was trying my best to separate you lot, got Kuraga locked up, went to get you, but you already got Fist retrieved. Went back to get Kuraga but he was out :P

      Was thinking of a new plan on how to fight you, because You, Trelanya, Kuraga + 2 special guards was a lot to faceroll.

      Died because I decided to start murdering on Kuraga vs that hgod as I noticed he didn't have sanc. Little did I know that during this spam my sanc fell like few rooms ago.

      I honestly can't give less shit about dying or losing eq. Just playing for fights like these. It's just frustrating to play vs you because you're just so damn wimpy and constantly quitting out together with Trelanya when shit gets rough, come on be a Commander, the big boss. Paladin and stuff ;)
        [reply to Taor]
      1. sorry about that. the wanted thing was my fault. LOL. I invaded on Auhror, nuked him in the justice cabal and than just went and payed off my fine like nothing happened... the justice imms didn't like the way that tasted so now when you kill a justice while invader you become a criminal.
          [reply to tayyah]
        1. Well, given that you threatened to kill me in game repeatedly, it should be no surprise that I would be out for your blood, Taor. You ought to stop acting like everyone must play your way, the Immortals are the ones who decide if somebody's behavior is unacceptable.
            [reply to Trelanya]
          1. PS. You have been awfully whiny.
            1. The level of whine is very extreme.
            2. No it's not. The level of cowardice from a cabal leader is extreme. Being in a cabal comes with drawbacks because there are powers. Justice is the most powerful cabal in the game hands down so if you bitch out as a Justice you're showing that you're real weak sauce.
            3. Ergorion, you don't know what is going on half the time. For instance, when you get killed/full looted and one of the people involved instantly goes to take your cabal item can you honestly stay you stick around to eat a second death? All of these whining complaints mean very little when they only always show one side of things. I would be all for enforcing forced flag for capturing cabal items. I think it was better when it was that way. As it is, you can rest assured there is usually some kind of immortal presence when this is going on making comments and sometimes asking questions. You think if they had a problem with what was going on that I would still be leading justice? smh.
            4. Insta wanted just for capturing cabal item? E.g. the only fucking way to bait a town-hugging wimp Justice out of city?

              That's the biggest bs idea ever. Not like Justice doesn't have enough "safety" already compared to other cabals.
            5. Jorax tells you 'I'm in guild issue without proper saves and I am weak? Whatever moron.'

              I gotta go shopping irl for my new summer clothes, need proper saves.

              aka excellent RP.
            6. Jorax, I don't care about you leading Justice. Sure Imms make those calls but the rest of the playerbase can call you out for looking like a pussy. I miss the days when Ozaru would rant about how all fights should be 1v1 and he would actually eat deaths because he was not a pussy bitch and would fight people.
            [reply to Trelanya]
          2. I would love to see the whole log, less on the comments on the end. Looks like a bunch of fun but I only got 1 piece of the pie.
            1. Yeah as much as I love juicy drama I come here to watch people beat each other’s faces in. Pick up tricks and learn stuff.
            [reply to jaux]
          3. It's not about whining and "acting like everyone must play your way"

            If you are a Herald, Noble, Elf, Healer - all this shit combined, there's certain EXPECTATIONS indeed on what or how you should behave.

            I obviously don't mind that you PK, because that's the only few times when you won't cower behind some fubar heaven's gate location and talk shit from distance.

            But I am not the only one to complain that you play your character like a Drow. Backstabbing your friends (betraying Luc just for a kill), scheming, lying and all the other shit. That's not about me wanting you to play the game my way, it's about me seeing a Duchess Herald Elf Healer that has absolutely no integrity.

            Same goes for Jorax, he would make a great DK or duergar or drow - coercion, coaxing, cowardice, mischief and evil grins every time, all the time.

            If I play an evil pig-peon, I play it as evil pig-peon. I don't play goodies the same way as I'd play evils, there's a difference to be upheld.

            It's just shit RP, nothing to do with PK because obviously I am enjoying that.

            And Vertas: I am not posting logs because I don't want to spill my bag of tricks if I'd have to fight you in future for an example ;)
            1. I love the RP stuff, esp when a drow acts like a sneaky little bastard because that's who they are. I think that when people RP (like Taor) it's all good for the game. The whole orc think and either jump on the wagon or get rolled is awesome. When people get rolled they act two ways; option 1 - either I am going to get the bastard or option 2 - roll into a ball in the corner and suck their thumb. Option one is by far the most fun, thumb sucking is for babies.

              Taor I think your right about some of the statements that you are making, but prove your points in the game. Dust off, lick your wounds, and get to rolling again. Don't turn into option 2.
            2. Taor
              0 , 0 , 1 .
              I went back to fight them in malicious beast. Both quit out.

              It's funny how Jorax says he won't fight on anyone's terms but only fights when having an upper hand or allies. And I don't mind it pkwise as I said. It's just shit RP and I felt it deserves to be called out. Justice commander paladin should have higher standards imo
            3. Taor
              0 , 0 , 1 .
              Also Trelanya is an elf. But could as well be a drow by all means. Plays her exactly like a drow. Whilst Jorax is an exemplary duergar.
            4. Kedelaem nailed it, that's my last comment... At least for now.
            [reply to Taor]
          4. I’m all for going back to immediately getting wanted for capturing the fist, personally. And all cabal items alike, gettting their flag if you capture it.

            You’re crying because you invaded and captured the item, then couldn’t pay off the fine from the invasion like you didn’t know what would happen. Then you complain they go for you instead of the fist, while you wait in the area? Are they supposed to think you wouldn’t interfere? For the love of god, stop being such a drama queen.
            1. This is not the only occurrence. Usually they would both quit out when fist is captured. But as it was 1v2 they thought they have a chance. What's the point of RP guidelines and cabal priorities if noone gives a shit?

              I've yet to see Jorax display any paladin like behavior. Which is just Meh.

              I'm a drama queen for trying to RP my ass off while some specific individuals just couldn't even bother and play exactly as they'd play random drow as goodies?
            2. Usually? You are so full of crap. You have taken the item exactly twice. One I had already died and been playing for three hours when you captured it. It was time to go so I left. Other time I stayed and you posted this not-log. I don't know where you get this idea that I am supposed to behave a certain way. My character rp is built the way I intended to, not the way YOU intended to. My Paladin is pledged to a Lawful neutral deity, and Honor doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. This whole grinning nonsense you are talking about is me grinning about your whiny bullshit and laughing to your face. You don't like it do something about it.
            3. Taor
              0 , 1 , 0 .
              By your logic, I am going to roll up a goodie and start killing all the other goodies because I don't feel like it's wrong. Because my non-existent RP calls so.
            4. Taor
              1 , 1 , 0 .
              Paladins are the embodiment of goodness. They are holy warriors, empowered
              by the gods of Light to bring and safeguard goodness throughout the realm.
              They are noted for their chivalry, kindness, generosity, mercy and honor.
              A paladin is a pillar of Light for its followers to look towards. To aid
              them in their >>>heroic<<< fight...

              ^that part got cut off from last comment.

              I have yet to see you express ANY of these characteristics no matter with which char I interact you with.

              You don't RP. You play Paladin Goodie who's sole job is coercion and ruthless disregard of others.

              I don't care how you play, but roll an according character that matches your actions.

              Same to Trelanya

              So fuck off if you don't think I have a right to whine when I work my ass off to build a proper RP with each char and you shit on all the standards as a mortal cabal leader!
            5. Clearly I must not be around to see all this bullshit because I’m not visible? Otherwise it makes no sense to be saying all this gibberish. I’ve seen Jorax on both sides of the pendulum. Whether he is against two or with two. But you cry about how he never is alone or some shit. You die, and immediately look to cry to everyone about how unfair everything is. Good lord, did he make a friend in game and now they are together often in game? THATS CRAZY! My talk is certainly biased. But it’s also truthful. I also don’t usually bother stepping in on this sort of crap, but the shitpile is getting a bit too big for me not to.
            6. there are both ethos and alignment in this game Taor, you don't know what you are talking about

              re: getting wanted when capturing the fist, I think that should be up to the mortal leader. The mortal justices probably shouldn't be able to mark people wanted while the fist is captured but I wouldn't have a problem with sentencing criminals who fight over the Fist after the fact if they survive the fight
            7. I mean the two people you complain about are the only two mortal cabal leaders... clearly all of us as IMMS see a lot of different views than you do.
            8. "You die, and immediately look to cry to everyone about how unfair everything is."

              Why do you think this shit is about PK when I constantly say it isn't ?

              Did I give a shit about death? The only one whom I was mad at was myself for making a noob mistake.

              It's about the RP, not about PK.

              Why would I cry about PK if I just dunked Jorax twice today? That's not the issue here.

              Shit RP is the issue. Paladins being the opposite of what their class suggests and herald elven noble healers are more deceitful than any drow I've seen. It's bs and I don't care how much you try to turn this into PK argument, I couldn't give a flying fuck how many people Jorax gets behind him, I kill him anyway.

              It's just stupid to see the RP of both of those chars. Not only when I am on Taor, but when on other chars too, non-PK related interactions.

              Once again, mortal leaders should have the highest standards for RP, ethos/class wise both!

              That was my only reason to whine. Because I'm active a lot as well, I see Trelanya and Jorax interactions with my chars and others. It's pitifully bland.
            9. Dont care. You're a blowhard on the logboard and its more annoying
            10. trelanya is fucking chaotic and has no reason to be around jorax except to fuck with you
            11. I'm not actually a cabal (or coterie) leader, but I am flattered an Immortal basically says I am that important.
            12. Sorry, I didn't pay attention for the last day or two, Busy... .. Let's focus on the RP then. I've seen you multiple times after dying, cry about how you're going to quit this game and go back to your old mud. This is to the EXACT person who just killed you. At some point I believe you got someone to gift you a kill too. You're reasoning? "People wont be my friends and backstab me." You legit got backstabbed once that I've seen. By a vampire. Everyone in their right mind knows never to trust them. Otherwise it's been you fully attacking everyone you ever grouped with.

              Don't get me wrong, when you feel like it, you are easily one of the best RP players i've seen in a long time. And PK, at that. But man oh man, you cry for attention.

              Trelanya, my bad thinking you were the High Herald. I just assumed. Most people think I have access to all this stuff, and maybe that's why they think I'm backing someone up? No idea. I could care less about the player behind the character. It's someone I handpicked to be leader of a cabal. I have no reason to speak on why I picked them, but I will:

              Justice started getting huge a while back. I LOVED it, it's been a bit since it's been that way. Multiple people apply and join. So... many players look like they should be a huge deal, but something crazy happens; they all fully stop playing their characters entirely. I even told Jorax before promoting him to Commander, I was hoping people would challenge him for the position. Crazy story, He RP'd it out exactly how i'd like him to. He got the job. I shouldn't ever have to explain my reasoning for this, nor did you all ask me to.

              Anyone who has ever been Commander of Justice knows the bullshit you have to deal with all the time. It fully sucks. All you get is a bunch of people crying and telling you what you or any officer did was wrong ALL the time. Justice is always the most powerful cabal in the realms(OMG THE MONTHY REPORTS SHOW OTHERWISE). I'm focusing on this; this one particular cabal will always have the biggest impact in the game. It can legitimately ruin peoples experiences more than any other cabal possibly can. Feel free to cry and complain about people. I love it, really. I want every question thrown my way. If you feel you got robbed/cheated, and don't want to bring it up to him, Jorax, just send it to me personally. I think Veromos once cried to the Cabal about some stuff. It was within the laws/guidelines, so I responded to him to go and cry to the Heralds instead about corruption he feels he was a part of. If it's something I think I need to talk to them about, I will. I'll likely respond, but you more than likely wont get the response you want. Maybe you will though.

              The fact that I'm being told by someone, completely new to the game, mind you, that I'm buddies with with the person I appointed to Commander, is ridiculous. You and everyone else can think whatever you want. Not a single person knows me outside of this game, minus, the little bit of interaction I have with Dav.

              And that's my entire spew. I likely won't respond to a damn thing people have to say after this. I'm just glad my Commander has thicker skin than I do.
            13. You apparently want every mortal leader to be a HoE worthy candidate. Which is a realistic expectation. Really, it is, especially with Justice. But not everyone is going to be.
            14. Taor
              0 , 1 , 1 .
              " I've seen you multiple times after dying, cry about how you're going to quit this game and go back to your old mud."

              THIS is an ABSOLUTE LIE!

              I have NEVER said I am going back to my old mud after death nor anything similary close!

              Why would an immortal make up such a lie? I don't ever break character after dying! I can be frustrated and I've said something like "I am done with this!" but it means either character or trying to keep up with what I was doing.

              Now this is fucked that you'd go ahead and post something so blatantly wrong!
            15. Taor
              0 , 1 , 0 .
              And Veromos was the one who complained about getting betrayed by everyone and he did.

              Taor got betrayed by warband too.

              But all this adds an extra layer of spice to me, not making me want to quit character.

              Veromos was complaining about not having friends and everyone backstabbing him as a part of his RP. Even his backgrounds say that he was a weirdo.

              Taor handles traitors differently. He beats them up until they are loyal lackeys again. And doesn't complain never.

              Anyway I'm sorry for the drama, I think my messed up period irl carried over to AR. This is done with, I promise.

              And yeah again, I never said im gonna quit and go back to cf because i died. Because I am already playing two muds at once lol xD
            [reply to Kedaleam]
          5. In any case I don't really give a fuck. You're all buddies with each other so obviously there's no point to argue vs biased opinions.

            I'm just saying what I see and I'm not the only one.

            Done "arguing" with people who find an excuse to justify any kind of behavior even when it's just getting borderline stupid.
            1. why would you bother making a new forum username if you are just going to out yourself immediately by continuing your forum drama
            [reply to Taor]
          6. Luc [reply]
            1 , 1 , 0 .
            de de-de, de de-de de de-de, do do-do,lalalalalalaaaaaaa!

            laaaaaaaaaaladelaaaaa, dedelaaaaaaalala, yayaya yayaya yayaya, dododo dododo dododo, lolalolalaaaaaa!
              [reply to Luc]
            1. Jorax seems to be playing his paladin Justice the same way I did...which is aggressive against evils and not the same way a Knight paladin would be played. Same comment I made back when people complained that I was playing too dirty for a paladin: a Justice paladin is not the same as a Knight paladin. Suck it up buttercups.
                [reply to Cedowyl]
              1. Jesus, I can't tell what replies are directed at whom/what. That was some good rum. Anyway, as much as I like seeing Justices bite the dust. I equally hate seeing a shammy in a #1 PK slot. Must be like Dhua all over again. Speaking of which, do Vev and Pip still play? Cause I want to play.
                1. If we lie and say they do will you start playing again?
                2. alright if one of you says you're Tiqa I'll play. Just one....that's all.
                3. I do. Ish. Very ish.
                4. Oh, then come out come out where ever you are Vev. We have a score to settle.
                5. I'll never let you see me coming. ;)
                [reply to Mikoos]
              2. whatever did happen to tiqa?
                  [reply to Nadrin]

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