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Firithien created on 21st of January 2017, and is dead and gone (29 years old, 257 hours, 4 months lifetime)

Title: the Grand Mistress of Seasons
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: half-elf monk

Background history:

  1. Mother - posted at 2017-02-04 01:22:34
Not every story has a heart-warming ending, the realms of Thera are a cold place and full of tales of suffering. So it was for Firithien's mother. Many years ago, though she has no means of counting, she was born in the Sylvan Vale. Her mother was made pregnant as the product of a violent rape and she was full of shame for it. When her daughter was born, she was named Cuiniel meaning 'Girl full of life' for the baby was energetic and boisterous from the first. She was beautiful and tall, very much Elvish in appearance, but grew quickly and people soon took notice. Cuiniel awoke, excited. The light of dawn was already shining on her tenth birthday but it offered little heat to the woodland home her family lived in, tucked away, as it was, in a shadowy corner of the Vale. She'd often asked her mother why they lived so far from the others of their village, but her mother didn't give many answers to questions like these. None of that mattered today anyway, as mother had promised they would walk the ranger's trail along the borders as a birthday present. She loved staring out at the lands beyond the Vale but didn't get much opportunity as mother kept her home most of the time, giving her lessons and teaching her of the Gods Sedgwick, Myria, Vanisse and the others. She bounced up from her cot filled of leaves, meaning to run into mother's room and rouse her to start the day, but she wasn't there. "Mother?", she yelled. "Out here, my love." The answering call came from outside, the natural clearing of trees within the copse. She ran out of the crude house, to a strange sight. Gathered in the clearing were several of the men from the village and standing in front of the men, facing her mother was the elder mistress. Their glances didn't stray to Cuiniel who stood back shyly. "The child is not Elvish, Quellerain", the elder began. "We have performed the divinations. We know." "Wait, please!" Her mother had a pleading tone, she knew what this meant. "We cannot wait Quellerain, and though it saddens us to do it the Laws are clear." Cuiniel started sniffling, sensing the tension. "Mother? It's my birthday, remember? Why is everyone here?" "Go inside, melethen. I'll be with you soon." "No, child, she won't. You must," but the elder was cut off harshly. "Don't speak to my daughter! She has nothing to do with you! You must leave - now!" The men stepped forward, protective of the elder mistress. She was dressed in white robes, pure and clean. Her face was beautiful and ageless, her eyes like the stars, ancient and distant. But still beauty can be ugly, when it is bent to it, and the elder's face was shadowed with anger and her voice quivered with restrained rage. "Do not think, Quellerain, that you can speak to me so. For many years our people have allowed you to live here, isolated, untroubled, out of respect for your suffering. But our kindness is betrayed! The father, he was not as you've told us, is he?" Quellerain's eyes fell to her feet, and she wept bitterly and loudly. Cuiniel, not understanding but seeing her mother suffering ran to her. The moments of silence passed slowly, stretching longer and longer, until Cuiniel's mother wiped her eyes and looked up. "It's true. Yes, I admit it now - finally, for what use are lies now, when you know the truth anyway?" she said. "He was not as I told you. He was not an Elf; indeed he was a Human," she said, shaking her head. Gasps came from the men at this, and whispers between them broke out, quickly silenced by a wave of the elder's hand. "He found me, wandering as I would, though I know not where he came from or who he was. He took me, Berethien, I did not want it! I tried to run but he was strong and fierce." she shook her head sadly at these memories. "Would you condemn me, then? Is this my crime?!" The elder Berethien breathed deeply now and moved forward laying a soothing hand on the lady. "No, my beautiful sister-daughter, I would not condemn you. For you are Elvish and we will take you and heal you and you will be made whole in the eyes of our people. But the child is not and cannot come, the Law is clear." "Curse your Law!" Quellerain pulled away roughly and stepped back. "I want nothing of it! You would send an innocent babe alone into the world? No! I won't let you!" She grabbed Cuiniel in her arms, holding her tight. Berethien's facade of care fell away under this insolence. She nodded slightly, and the men stepped forward as commanded. They grabbed the child and the mother, separating them. Their screams and terror ringing through the forest, disturbing creatures from their quiet morning. The elder spoke loudly, her stark voice cutting through the noise, all compassion gone from it. "Quellerain, you will be taken to Barandor and live your days in servitude to our people." Turning to the child, "You shall be taken, Cuiniel, and you will be banished from this land. I take from you your name, and bestow upon you the name Etementhen." And it was done. The elder turned back down the narrow path between trees, walking away from the home in the copse trees. The men would carry out their duties to their elder Berethien, and to the Law of their people that had stood since the First Age of Serin. The child was sent into the world, banished and disgraced. Her name Etementhen a constant reminder of her past.

Description (commended):

A muscular and lithe woman with a shaved head and wearing the livery of a student monk is here. Her pointed ears expose her Elven heritage, while her musculature is definitely Human. Through her light clothing it is easy to discern strong shoulders, powerful arms and legs and a serene face that looks calm and peaceful. Her pale skin is adorned here and there with black and white tattoos, though it's difficult to discern what is depicted. A barbed and mangled red scar runs across the length of her throat. Its breadth and colour speak of a wound not treated but left to fester for a time.

PK stats:

Kills: 5, Deaths: 13 (Ratio: 0.4, Efficiency: 27%)
Pinnacle Kills: 5, Pinnacle Deaths: 10 (Ratio: 0.5, Efficiency: 33%)

Kills by class:
invoker: 2, ranger: 1, shadow: 1, warrior: 1,
Killed by class:
monk: 2, warrior: 1, invoker: 2, ranger: 2, paladin: 1, shadow: 2,

Nemesis: Agrerrogod

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  1. Stephen2Aus [reply]
    1 , 0 , 0 .
    Thank you all very much for making this my most fun character in years. I can't thank you all enough...

    Unfortunately, most of my time was spent while I was on a 4 week leave from work, and now that I'm back, I find I don't have time to play.

    Kozma - you were so inspiring mate, and shaped most of her life

    Dink - awesome fun, infectious nature, keep enjoying yourself

    Lourch - thanks for putting in the effort with me, I know I'm a shitty PKer, but I appreciate your help and your time. Your RP was great too.

    Mishtkah, Agrerogod, Jomino, Kiuril - thanks for fighting and hanging out with me.

    Cyprian - I wanted to spend a lot more time with you, you're really awesome, thanks for helping shape the world with your stories and persona.

    Goodbye for now all, hope I can come back soon when I have more spare time.
    1. Dude, what Firithien had going on was just as interesting. I'm sure others have done it in AR's long history, but this was the first char on AR I've watched successfully take the reigns on their own alignment so deliberately; and it transitioned well.
    2. Bladefurry
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      first time ive gotten a shout out on someone elses char thanks
    [reply to Stephen2Aus]
  2. Stephen2Aus [reply]
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    | \
    | Firithien the Grand Mistress of Seasons |
    | Rank Minion of [LEGION], 29 years old (246 hours). |
    | |
    | Race: Half-elf Hometown: Exile Health: 792/792 |
    | Sex: Female Alignment: Evil Mana: 514/774 |
    | Class: Monk Ethos: Neutral Move: 414/414 |
    \ -------------------------------------------/
    | |
    | Streng: 19 (19+0) Rating: Good Weight: 103/350 |
    | Intell: 22 (22+0) Level: 50 Pracs: 2 |
    | Wisdom: 21 (21+0) Exp tnl: 28140 Trains: 0 |
    | Dexter: 22 (22+0) Relics: 2187 Items: 28/37 |
    | Consti: 15 (16-1) Gold: 12610 Wimpy: 0 hp |
    | Luck: Changing Hunger: [*****] Thirst: [**---] |
    | |
    | Condition: A few cuts and bruises |
    ------------------------------------------ \
    / |
    | Anatomy: |
    | constructs: 100 humanoids : 100 elven : 100 |
    | dwarven : 100 aquatics : 100 fey : 100 |
    | birds : 100 giants : 100 undead : 100 |
    | illithid : 100 dragons : 100 reptiles : 100 |
    | beasts : 100 demons : 100 plants : 100 |
    | Encumberance: |
    | Armor Vs Pierce: 187 Saving Throws |
    | Hitroll: 27 Vs Bash: 177 Afflictive: 79 |
    | Damroll: 32 Vs Slash: 178 Maledictive: 80 |
    | Vs Magic: 165 Mental: 77 |
      [reply to Stephen2Aus]
    1. Stephen2Aus [reply]
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      Level 1: flail 100% bow 96%
      spear 99% sword 100%
      dodge 100% hand to hand 100%
      kick 100% scrolls 62%
      staff 77% anatomy 100%
      empower 100% meditate 100%
      Level 2: beads 61%
      Level 3: dirt kicking 100%
      Level 4: martial arts b 100% snake style 100%
      Level 5: lore 98% tumble 1%
      Level 6: fasting 100%
      Level 7: fists of fury 1%
      Level 8: fast healing 100% panda style 100%
      Level 9: first parry 100%
      Level 10: meditation 100%
      Level 11: disarm 100% kickboxing b 100%
      Level 12: healing 92%
      Level 13: iron body 100%
      Level 14: sneak 62% crane style 100%
      Level 15: trip 100% grapple 100%
      Level 16: second parry 100%
      Level 17: martial arts a 100% monkey style 100%
      monkey clamber 75%
      Level 18: blind fighting 100%
      Level 19: shield disarm 100%
      Level 20: nerve 100% mantis style 100%
      lunge 75% leopard style 100%
      Level 21: double kick 100%
      Level 22: sense motion 100%
      Level 23: tiger style 100%
      Level 24: kickboxing a 100%
      Level 25: resonating wave 93%
      Level 26: acupuncture 61%
      Level 27: chii bolt 100%
      Level 28: throw 100% air thrash 100%
      Level 30: drunken style 100%
      Level 32: catalepsy 1%
      Level 34: counter 100%
      Level 37: astral walk 61%
      Level 40: transcendence 1%
      Level 42: phoenix style 100%
      Level 45: dragon style 61%
      Level 50: serenity 64%
        [reply to Stephen2Aus]
      1. Stephen2Aus [reply]
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        I've slept a long time... I've been so tired... I awoke to a clarity of mind
        I've not felt for... a long time...

        The memories, oh by all the Gods, the memories...

        I can't stand the things I've done...

        My mind was fractured, at some time, though I can't tell the exact moment. It
        hid the truth from me, my own mind too horrified by what I'd become, created
        a schism, a hiding place where I was trapped.

        The evil... The darkness and pain... Everywhere...

        This world isn't fit for me to live in, and nor an I fit to live in this world,
        having done... What I've done...

        I move now to end this torture forever, and I pray with all my heart that those
        who I've harmed have not been damaged irreperably... And those who moved to
        make me a part of this blackness and despair... I pray you find your own way
        out of it...

        I am so sorry, for everything I've ever done... Goodbye, and may peace find you
        all somehow in this world of terror.

        Firithien, Daughter of the Fading
        1. Lorne
          1 , 0 , 0 .
          I really enjoyed this character. I thought the rp was great and don't sell yourself short in the pk department. You really developed your skills exponentially as you played on. Looking forward to your next one.
        2. Stephen2Aus
          0 , 0 , 0 .
          Thanks Lorne, that means a lot to me actually. I enjoy the RP & PK both, but never really been able to make any decent mark on the realms for years.

          Felt like I did a bit with this one, so was really proud.
        [reply to Stephen2Aus]
      2. We pretty much grew up together. This makes me sad. I absolutely loved the RP! I was really looking forward to more, but life does happen.

        Goodbye Firi.
          [reply to Dinklebik]
        1. I knew something snapped in your head! I was hoping we could RP out of that ;-) I guess you REALLY RPed out of it!
          1. Stephen2Aus
            1 , 0 , 0 .
            Was hoping to.. had plans, was hoping you'd be involved in them. but life gets in the way and I thought best to wind it up.

            Never mind, awesome memories that will last for years to come.
          [reply to Dinklebik]
        2. Xenyar [reply]
          1 , 0 , 0 .
          I know how it is...I'm not playing a whole lot either man. Thought you did great with this guy...Really liked him. You're always pretty top-notch in the RP dept as well. Nice char!
            [reply to Xenyar]
          1. tayyah [reply]
            1 , 0 , 0 .
            well... this is a dark day for serin.... or a brighter one? guess it depends on your outlook. I personally am sad that I no longer have the chance to fight firithien. we had many interactions across so many charactwrs (I know I cycle through to many) and more even yet I didn't claim. I can't wait to play with you again man
            1. Stephen2Aus
              1 , 0 , 0 .
              Thanks Tayyah, you were so great, those chars that I knew - though it sounds like there were others I didn't!!
            [reply to tayyah]
          2. Nadrin [reply]
            1 , 0 , 0 .
            I really liked Firithien, from you making me kill you to us becoming allies. Was a lot of fun.
            1. Stephen2Aus
              0 , 0 , 0 .
              Thanks man, yeah Todsoro was cool. My favourite was when you had to teach her not to apologize! Great memories
            [reply to Nadrin]
          3. Nadrin [reply]
            0 , 0 , 0 .
            Yeah it was some fun times. Sorry I didn't stick with you linger, but alhoon... lolz
              [reply to Nadrin]

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