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Gaelyn created on 08th of August 2013, and is dead and gone (37 years old, 409 hours, 1 year lifetime)

Title: the Tenebrous Cavalier, Betrayer of Valour
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: half-elf paladin

Background history:

  1. Untitled - posted at 2013-10-28 08:19:16
Their romance was storybook. Larien was the daughter of a noble lord who meant for her to marry another elven lord. She was prepared to go along with this, knowing that it was her duty to marry so as to strengthen her father's claims. Then she met William. Will was somewhat of a free spirit, young, handsome, and with the carefree lifestyle that comes with the short lives of humans. Both families fought against the marriage, but they were in love and eventually eloped. After a few years, Larien's father welcomed them back to the sanctuary of his home, though his disapproved of their half-breed son, who they had named Gaelyn. The family lived in a tense peace with the elves. William was always shunned and his child was raised behind the walls of their keep. Knowing that with his heritage, the best he could hope for was to become a priest or a soldier, Will trained young Gaelyn both in the glory of Myria and in the ways of battle. Several years later, Larien became pregnant once more, bringing little Vella into the world. Gaelyn took a liking to his little sister as soon as he laid eyes on her. He would run to her crib when she cried a, coddling her even when their mother was around to nurse. Under his watchful eye, Vella grew to become a playful child, though there were no others their own age to play with, leaving the siblings with only each other for company. Neither had been beyond the walls of their home in over a dozen years. Though his little sister was oblivious, Gaelyn overheard the conversations. He heard his grandfather refer to 'the little abominations' and how they had brought dishonor upon his mother's family. He knew that when they left their home, they were never going to return, that their existence had been hidden from the other lords and townsfolk to protect his mother's family. Skilled with a sword, he and his father fought side by side where necessary to defend themselves and little Vella. As three, they traveled until one night a brigand managed to snag the girl away from them and used her as a hostage to steal their gold. Frightened by the incident, they decided to house Vella in a local inn while they hired themselves as mercenaries to pay both for her room and board, but also for their own food and livelihood. A few years after they started their ignoble careers, father and son were marching down the road, protecting a rich merchant when they were set upon by bandits. These bandits had more than swords at their command, however, soon raining ice and fire upon the group. William fled. After the battle, Gaelyn was one of the few survivors, though he could not find his father's body. He waited for several days then returned to the inn where Vella was staying. <br><br>It was too dangerous to stay. Despite his sister's fears, they left together, for a new land and a new life in Thera.


PK stats:

Kills: 40, Deaths: 20 (Ratio: 2, Efficiency: 66%)
Pinnacle Kills: 36, Pinnacle Deaths: 20 (Ratio: 1.8, Efficiency: 64%)

Kills by class:
paladin: 7, dark-knight: 3, illusionist: 1, ranger: 3, invoker: 8, warrior: 8, healer: 3, berserker: 2, thief: 1, shadow: 4,
Killed by class:
paladin: 2, dark-knight: 2, invoker: 3, berserker: 1, illusionist: 2, vampire: 1, warrior: 4, bard: 1, necromancer: 1,

Nemesis: Balan

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  1. Faelon [reply]
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    HOE -
      [reply to Faelon]
    1. Ergorion [reply]
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      Oh shit. You let him inact? Damn.
        [reply to Ergorion]
      1. beia [reply]
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        Not worthy of HoE in my opinion. Crappy RP from many different interactions and I am not one to judge. Also the fact that this player constantly logs with his buddies. Other than that Gaelyn was formidable to an extent. I feel like he never really got the mojo together and constantly had his buddies hold eq for him in case he died. I know because when I was in the Legion with him he did that to me, gave me like 5 pieces of EQ to hold onto.
          [reply to beia]
        1. Nycticora [reply]
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          +1 HOE
            [reply to Nycticora]
          1. Davairus [reply]
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            way, way too much OOC for hoe. not that I am saying rules were broken but its not hoe. good character regardless
              [reply to Davairus]
            1. Andrael [reply]
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              Personally, at the start, his RP was good, but when he started to become more inactive, it declined. I don't believe he is worth it. He wasn't around enough to keep it up. He had to lose his forsaken spot to Darzavius due to activity. So, in the end I don't think he deserves it. Besides the fact, he never did get his personal revenge on Libera.
                [reply to Andrael]
              1. Nadrin [reply]
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                I was really impressed with how well he was doing when he came back after such a long hiatus from play. Well done for doing as well as you did gimped as you were. I thought the rp was good, but there was a decline at the end.
                  [reply to Nadrin]
                1. Mikoos [reply]
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                  A character to be proud of, had a lot of fun interacting with you. Solid RP and 50+ pinnacle kills, not bad at all.
                    [reply to Mikoos]
                  1. Kato [reply]
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                    It was super fun interacting with Gaelyn - I viewed him basically as anakin skywalker, and his character arc was really cool. Made Legion / Knight dynamics very, very fun! If anyone hasn't read the chaos dragon RP log I recently reposted, it's worth perusing!
                      [reply to Kato]
                    1. kento [reply]
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                      This character was immensely rewarding.

                      Super kudos to all of the players that made playing this character a dream-

                      Mkatos- For the insane depth of RP, which captivated my interest after so long away from the game.

                      Tuston- For both the exceptional RP, and the ridiculous fights. Man, sometimes those skirmishes lasted for RL hours, until one of us would finally bite the bullet. You were the Luke Skywalker to my Anakin, as it were. We had a hell of a run, and it was not ever the same after you were gone.

                      Varliv- You helped keep me wanting to play for RP even in the odd hours of the night, long after Tuston and Mkatos were gone. Looks like Gaelyn's bones will be dust before yours, and you'll have to tell stories of him.

                      Vella- For being a partner in RP crime, and helping make this character possible.

                      Nycticora- For making the first full conversion from good to evil possible, and giving me the chance to take Forsaken. Those insane RP events were the greatest. Your full support of RP is epic, and we need more things in place to keep the RP alive, because that is what makes the game worth playing.

                      Darzavius- For being the ultimate Legionerre under me, and you have improved so much in the past year, and never hesitated to throw yourself into crazy situations as needed in response to a directive. And STILL managed to outlast Gaelyn and Mkatos.

                      Zyrexis- You were awesome, and I wish we could have played together more, because I know you would have been a kick ass second in command, if we could have rebuilt the army like we wanted.

                      The OOC I did on this character was to facilitate RP sessions. The people I know don't play evils, they play the people I killed. Beia, I'm really disappointed to see that you haven't stepped up your game, because you've got the potential to be a decent player. Dav, I don't understand your post and really have no response. My PK record speaks for itself, especially given my limitations. But notice that everyone I mention was for RP reasons.

                      Andrael, I'm sorry that Libera wasn't really around when Gaelyn was at his prime, as I saw lots of RP potential there. I felt like I really lost my chance to get involved with the full revenge thing with Libera, because Libera converted pretty quickly and Gaelyn wasn't involved.

                      Ravinah, you were also kick ass as fuck.

                      I was dealing with transfers and a promotion at work right around when I would have liked to have had Gaelyn really heating up and recruiting, and I am disappointed that I couldn't recruit more. But being the lone Legion wolf is only fun for so long, and real life obligations won out. I should have deleted him a while ago, but it was hard to let a character that I loved so much die.

                      Thank you all, as the amount of RP that went into this character was immense, and literally every response he made was calculated IC. He really was Anakin Skywalker. This character is 10x my previous one in the HOE, though I know the time between inact delete and his hayday has been fairly long. There will never be another like him.
                        [reply to kento]
                      1. Xenyar [reply]
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                        When I inducted you into knights I never, ever thought your char would end up this way..betraying valour...going evil..etc.
                        Nice job with the rp man..
                          [reply to Xenyar]
                        1. Davairus [reply]
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                          You don't have to care about what I say, but if you want my props for RP, you need to earn it. You dont earn it by coming to bother me in the AR's IRC saying you want wrath back or to be made into a dark-knight instead, or other random gimme shit. That's quite the opposite of good roleplaying, in fact. Good roleplaying would've meant making a choice and then living with the consequences - as opposed to letting it go to an inactive delete because it didn't pan out the way you wanted.

                          It could be I'm just a really, really mean guy, though. Right? Just remember, this is just my perspective. Seems like other people hold a good opinion of you so I like that.
                            [reply to Davairus]
                          1. Bladefurry [reply]
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                            Complicated to get along with but once you did it was fun to interact with you and vella
                              [reply to Bladefurry]
                            1. Thorgoth [reply]
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                              No offense but I didn't see anything special about Gaelyn, especially not HOE worthy. You got Outcasted and joined up with Legion, which any smart person would do because you had lost skills and were gimp. You seemed to have a niche of people you hung out with, but outside of that you were silent and fought only with Vella, and without her you would just run and quit. There was a lot of potential to be something remarkable, but you ended up falling into the same ol' routine that most people do.
                                [reply to Thorgoth]
                              1. kento [reply]
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                                Actually, Thorgoth, the conversion ended up imm supported based purely upon the RP of it all, which I am surprised you didn't know. I wasn't gimped in the traditional Outcast way, and I didn't even have the Outcast flag until several months after conversion. I was essentially just an evil paladin (wrath wasn't actually lost). Vella was never directly involved in fights, and I fought lots of people to the death when she was nowhere around (Tuston/Faelon can confirm this, so can Balan and Euriah). I RP'd extensively with lots of people, particularly those under my command, and was not a silent PKer, but his rp was subtle, overly serious and broody. Thanks Bladefurry- I think you were referencing this, as 'complicated to get along with.' He was more likely to try to convert you first, or eat your face off if you offended his army or sister. Though I'll admit that you are one of the few players that actually makes my blood pump with adrenaline when I fight them, most other people ended up running and quitting from me- But I'm pretty sure you are a seriously silent PKer recently, anyway. While I am disappointed myself in letting him inact, considering that I played for several months after my conversion, it was hardly a 'convert and quit' situation. You don't get those kinds of kills and deaths by just playing it super safe/quitting out and gangbanging.

                                  [reply to kento]

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