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Galaumos created on 02nd of November 2017, and is dead and gone (18 years old, 30 hours, 11 months lifetime)

Title: the Keeper of the Path
Gender: Male
Level: 43
Class: werebeast druid

Background history:


You set your sight on a rather odd looking man. He appears to have unnatural amounts of body hair, nearly everywhere you can see. It is all a very light shade of blonde. Noticing his hair, you also realize that he has a very unique hairstyle. Hair of all the same light brown hue seems to be short at the sides, near his ears, and get very thick and long near his crown, running down his back in what looks like some sort of strange mane.

PK stats:

Kills: 0, Deaths: 2 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)
Pinnacle Kills: 0, Pinnacle Deaths: 0 (Ratio: 0:0, Efficiency: 0%)

Kills by class:

Killed by class:


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