Gradible the Battlemaster
Gradible created on 06th of April 2017, and is currently 21 years old (96 hours played).

Title: the Battlemaster
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: dwarf warrior

Background history:

  1. Furhammer's furlife? - posted at 2017-04-07 13:44:18
Furhammer's furlife?
Gradible was raised amongst a small clan of dwarves that seperated themselves from others. These dwarves were known for their innate ability to catch rabbit for fur, and forge mighty warhammers, thus bestowed the name Furhammer. Their clan was small numbering around twenty or so kin so their hierarchy was less complex than that of the massive dwarven kingdoms. Everyone has their job and does it to keep the inner workings of their clan running. Gradible was the clans battle dwarf. As chosen from birth he was taken and trained by the clans chief to be a guard. As the years went by Gradible could see that his clan did not have a purpose for him for they were at peace. He knew he would never swing an axe and his life works of training would never be put to the test. So instead he begot himself a son who's mother died during child birth. The first born son of the battle dwarf replaces him releasing him to his own biddings. No longer bound by his dwarven oath Gradible left the clan to start his own life in Serin. He travelled for five days coming upon a city called Seringale. He purchased himself a small wooden sword and shield from the weapons dealers and off to find the pub he went. Upon arriving at the pub Gradible asked the barkeep for some work to be done, perhaps a giant rat to slay. The barkeep pointed him in the direction of the Heros Academy and thus begins his journey.


A long brown beard grows relentlessly from this dwarven mans face down to his gut. The length of said beard is matched by the long golden brown hair that hangs shaggily down past his shoulders from his head. This dwarfs skin and complexion are a chalky white. His brow is thick. His nose large and round. His eyes are a stoney grey. His eyebrows are thick and the color of his beard and hair. Physically this dwarf is stocky and thick. Muscle is coiled around him like strands of steel. His height is an unimpressive three and a half feet, but his width seems to equal his height, especially around his broad shoulders. He appears more imposing physically then most other small beings.

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