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Herlin created on 03rd of February 2015, and is dead and gone (22 years old, 113 hours, 22 days lifetime)

Title: the Holy Shaman
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: human shaman

Background history:

  1. A Struggle to Find Himself (part I) - posted at 2015-02-05 15:23:39
  2. A Struggle to Find Himself (part II) - posted at 2015-02-05 15:28:20
A Struggle to Find Himself (part I)
The necromancer, known as Mythkal, uttered a gutteral incantation and the ghoul growled, taking a step toward the pregnant woman. A man foolishly stepped in front of the woman to block the creature from advancing. Gasping as he began to understand what the necromancer was demanding he said, 'No, not that. We cannot do that. ' in a shocked tone. Mythkal reminded himself to be calm and patient, that this was the one he was searching for. With a slight gesture of his hand the powerful necromancer haulted the advancing undead creature in its tracks. The creature became stone still, almost frozen, lifeless. With a rasp and a weeze he spoke, 'I require your first born child if you wish to live. ' Mythkal continued, 'You will deliver him to my tower in the hills north of here upon his sixth year. Do not think about escape I have undead who would rip you limb from limb should you leave the region. ' Mythkal thought of the day he would turn these pathetic souls against their son to keep control of his simmering anger. The woman, crying at this point, looked at her husband. She grabbed his hand and gave a weak nod, having no choice in the matter. Having agreed to the demands of the necromancer they were now under his protection. Recently he had come to the village and slain many of the villagers, mostly farmers they were powerless to resist him and his minions during the battle. As silent as death the master of the dark arts departed the decimated village, leaving less than half the village alive and taking all the recently slain with him to bolster his armys strength. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- On Herlins sixth birthday he was so excited to take a trip with his father into the foothills near his village. As the tower came into view several skeletal guards surrounded the pair and escorted them to the tower. Herlin was frightened of the skeletal creatures escorting them and tried to question his father but his father did not answer. Jaw set, eyes forward the man seemed to ignore his son entirely. Once they reached the tower, the man crouched down beside his son and gave him a great big hug, whispering in his ear the love he had for him and he encouraged his son to do great things. Herlin was confused at the words his father had spoken into his ear and just as he was about to question his father the tower doors opened and Mythkal came out of the tower. He had two ghastly escorts of foul-smelling, rotting flesh with him and motioned for them to take the boy inside the tower without a word. As the beasts approached Herlin became terrified and cried out to his father for help. Screaming for his father to do something, anything to assist him. His father stood there, motionless, watching as his son was taken away forever. The necromancer had instructed the father not to say a word on penalty of death. Once the doors to the tower closed the man was allowed to leave and the skeletal guards escorted him beyond the towers undead defenses. Emotionless, they returned to their original posts once the man had gone. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Inside the tower Herlin was taken to a holding cell by the undead creatures and left there for quite some time before Mythkal came to see him. The boy was left devestated, was in tears, confused and feeling abandoned by his father. When the necromancer came to see Herlin he left the undead minions behind and spoke in harsh tones to Herlin about why he was there and what was to become of him. He stated that Herlin was to become an apprentice and learn the ways of death magic and necromancy from the necromancer himself. He said that it would test Herlins resolve and will to live and be a very trying experience. Mythkal even went as far to describe some of the early rituals involving acid burns and other unpleasant things taking pleasure in watching the reactions of the uncomfortable, pathetic human child. He again reminded himself of the greater cause and purpose for this wretched vessel of life. This horrified Herlin and he began to wimper and cry even more. Mythkal quickly nd abruptly ended this with a stern, commanding voice. He grasped Herlin by his wrist, with a biting cold grip, stronger than a giant and calm as death said that the boy would not cry ever again. And Herlin never did. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- After several years of what can only be described as torture and the systematic breaking of wills the boy was gradually conditioned through painful experiences, both physical and mental in nature. The pinnacle of this conditioning was when Mythkal turned Herlins long forgotten parents against him in the form of undead creatures. On one occasion Mythkal used Herlins mother, a recently created undead creature, to inflict crippling damage on Herlins face. He was held down while what was left of his mother, claws dripping with acid, slowly and painfully, scratched deep gashes down the left side of his face.


A lanky, pale-skinned human fidgets absent-mindely here. He looks unsettled and frequently searches the area with a set of deep, dark green eyes. A badly broken hooked nose protrudes from his face. He has pasty white skin that probably has not seen the sun much, if ever. His gaunt face has several thin burn marks on the left side that look almost like deep claw marks. With a closer inspection one can see that the scarring extends further up past the left eye towards his scalp. A scalp covered with a thick mop of oily black hair. He has a lean, thin frame but is by no means considered a boney person. His hands have some deep scarred tissue on them as well, similar to the ones on his face. It is clear the same process was used to produce these scars. Some of the scars even look more recent. There is a pungent, bitter odor that clings to him and his clothing.

PK stats:

Kills: 0, Deaths: 1 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)
Pinnacle Kills: 0, Pinnacle Deaths: 1 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)

Kills by class:

Killed by class:
invoker: 1,


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