Ilmsintra the Unholy Lady
Ilmsintra created on 22nd of June 2019, and is currently 23 years old (75 hours played).

Title: the Unholy Lady
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: drow dark-knight

Background history:

  1. Borne of Shadow and Darkness - posted at 2019-07-05 00:36:29
Borne of Shadow and Darkness
Shadows and darkness. An unbearable heat. Whispers in the back of her mind. Such things came to Ilmsintra in the night. Night. A child sleeping, fitfully as a fever plagued her body. An imagine of a being. Tall, cloaked in purest of shadows, all but glowering eyes. It was a being of shadows. Its form shifting as it walked it leaved a trail before coalescing into a shape of a body. It spoke to her, a voice leaking into her mind. Telling her of things to come, things that are, things that were. And she looked on scared. In time it spoke of her life, and how it would soon be. It used sweet words and gestures to confuse the girl, almost as if making a trick to make her do something to its own desires. A ploy she all but fell for. At the shake of a hand, the shadowed being surrounded her and seeped into her being. Her eyes opened as nothing but pitch-black void.


Looming like a shadow, a tall elven-like figure stands before you. Obsidian colored flesh seems to absorb all the nearby light, leaving an gloaming aura around it. Eyes like fresh wrought citrine glowers out from the darkness of this being. Its hair is shaven clean off, adding to an androgynous look to it. Upon a closer inspection of the being you can see the finer details. Soft cheekbones, a round face, a set of slender shoulders where its clothing seems to hang, fabric billowing with the breeze.