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Kewlin created on 30th of May 2013, and is dead and gone (55 years old, 768 hours, 2 years lifetime)

Title: the Guardian of the Innocent, Captain of Justice
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: half-elf warrior

Background history:

  1. Untitled - posted at 2013-10-28 08:19:16
People lose things all the time. They lose their parents, their brothers, their wives, even their limbs. Kewlin lost none of these things. He was raised up with an older sister and a younger brother, but he never really suffered from middle child syndrome either. While he and his sister were close in age and he was rightfully protective of her, their brother was much younger and they worked together to keep him safe. <br><br>Not that he really needed their protection. Their parents were around and had typical problems but not getting murdered by bandits or anything. Life was pretty okay. There was only one problem. Kewlin couldn't see out of his left eye. Not even a little bit. But even that was okay, his neck got a bit flexible and he learned how to see almost as good out of the other one and he moved on. <br><br>Then one day, nothing special happened except that Kewlin woke up and decided that he wanted to go on a little adventure. His mom packed him some traveling food, his dad gave him a sword (which he later learned was a talking training sword) and his brother cried. You can't blame him, he was just a kid. <br><br>So Kewlin went on an adventure and ended up in Thera. What wonders await him here? Will he battle fearsome monsters? Meet a beautiful woman? Have awkward conversations with people whose lives have been much more traumatic than this own? Only time will tell.


The man before you is tall with skin that has been burned from too many hours in the sun. Small tips of pointed ears poke out from a tussle of hair which, while flecked with grey, still musses boyishly around his face. Some loose hairs on his chin have been cultivated into something which resembles a beard, though only the pepper in it belies the fact that it is more than a teen's first attempt at manhood. He carries himself with confidence, but there is a small over-extension when he turns his head and a small tic in his left arm. Other than that, he seems perfectly normal.

PK stats:

Kills: 32, Deaths: 48 (Ratio: 0.7, Efficiency: 40%)
Pinnacle Kills: 28, Pinnacle Deaths: 48 (Ratio: 0.6, Efficiency: 36%)

Kills by class:
bard: 4, shaman: 6, paladin: 1, invoker: 2, thief: 9, warrior: 6, illusionist: 1, necromancer: 4, ranger: 1, dark-knight: 1, shadow: 1,
Killed by class:
invoker: 3, shadow: 4, warrior: 2, paladin: 4, dark-knight: 1, necromancer: 5, shaman: 2, illusionist: 2, bard: 6, ranger: 1, thief: 3, berserker: 1,

Nemesis: Liach

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  1. Vanisse [reply]
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    1. Nadrin [reply]
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      Wow. So your pk record was 47 kills 39 pk deaths. That is the your best yet I believe? Kewlin was fantastic. From the time he was a herald to the times he was justices. The most fun I had with Kewlin I think was when I got wanted killing two or three legion, or anathema in Seringale. You showed up and were like your a criminal how do you want to handle this. I was like I will surrender if you will duel me. We dueled, I won, but stopped just short of killing you. Then I walked back in to congratulate you and your special guard attacked me without aura and finished me right there. It was awesome. I had fun times with you over several characters, Hell, I interacted with Kewlin over three different Executors.

      Exalted for sure.
        [reply to Nadrin]
      1. Mr. Forgotten [reply]
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        Halls of the Exalted +1
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        1. ewils03 [reply]
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          +2, absolutely
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          1. Oxyl [reply]
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            +1 HoE, absolutely no question. Some of the most solid RP I have ever seen. M'gonna miss yea, pardner.
              [reply to Oxyl]
            1. asudan [reply]
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              prime example how a justice should be, well done
                [reply to asudan]
              1. Esivole [reply]
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                I love kewlin
                  [reply to Esivole]
                1. Phenomenal RP.
                    [reply to Rayor]
                  1. Olyn [reply]
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                    moved to HoE based on player input
                      [reply to Olyn]
                    1. ewils03 [reply]
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                      A great decision; he is very deserving of the Hall
                        [reply to ewils03]
                      1. Faelon [reply]
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                        Already been moved, but I certainly +1 HOE.

                        Awesome RP. Didn't back down from a fight. Did everything the way it should be done. Very well done!
                          [reply to Faelon]
                        1. Ergorion [reply]
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                          As everyone else is saying, great rp. Kudos for sticking with it through the keeper war smackdown the during the crisbin era. And it's too bad my elf justice didn't really see kewlin's heyday.
                            [reply to Ergorion]
                          1. Xenyar [reply]
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                            Sometimes you forget how long chars are around until you see the hours on the GY. Kewlin was great. I'd always think about his name in the sense.."its hot in here so I'm just Kewlin down now".. ridiculous, I know.
                            Congrats know the halls!
                              [reply to Xenyar]
                            1. Mr. Forgotten [reply]
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                              I always pronounced his name as "Q-LIN".
                                [reply to Mr. Forgotten]
                              1. Vevier [reply]
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                                Cool'in is more like how I say it. I'm bummed I didn't finish off his life, but real life got in the way. :( New job, new evening commitments.

                                Kewlin was a return character for me. It had been a while since I played and I wanted to see if it was possible to play someone who was actually just good-natured. Turns out you can! I loved every minute of playing him and I learned so so much about PK. Thanks go out to everyone along the way...Shout outs time!

                                Zilvintra: No surprise you're at the top of this list. Kewlin was and forever is head over heels in love with that drow. I really enjoyed the fact that Zilvintra took advantage of this and strung him along instead of letting it devolve into the strains of a committed relationship.

                                Goron: Partner, you were everything Kewlin needed in a friend: just as happy, just as willing to go off an kill dragons. Hard to find one or two things to shout out about, but overall tons of fun.

                                Eloret: Not sure if you check the forums, but thanks for being involved in the Herald to Justice switch. I'm a little sad that strife is gone. I really enjoyed having a low-key introduction to pk that allowed my character to really come to terms with his fighting.

                                Crisbin: I was afraid that big war we had was going to be the end of me, but I appreciated that you were willing to roleplay through some of the conclusion by biting the bullet to get pardons for the rest of the Keepers. Real strong leadership showing there.

                                Rimera, Ona, Heralds: Most of my heralds fill up the poetry corner of the mystique, so I decided to try a character who didn't write poetry at all, to try to get some interesting takes. Thanks for making all my time so interesting and special. There was a lot of strong roleplaying going on during that time and I'm glad I got to be a part of it.

                                Tuston: We never 2-manned the dragons. :(

                                I'm sure I'm missing people and I'll remember later. Thanks to everyone for everything and for the HOE req.

                                As for the PKs, yeah, that is far and away my best ever. Couldn't have asked for more (but the condeath) from him.
                                  [reply to Vevier]
                                1. I always said it as Cool'In as well. I like to keep it simple.
                                    [reply to Rayor]
                                  1. Hondorian [reply]
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                                    I always enjoyed see you around. I made Aaroll on the same day. My return character too! He a ton of fun when you were around. Good times, my friend.
                                      [reply to Hondorian]
                                    1. Vevier [reply]
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                                      So everyone's was Kewlin's 'partner'...

                                      ...but two people were really his Partner: Aaroll was the first. Growing with you first in Heralds and then in Strife was great all the way around, like having a brother or something.

                                      The other was Kyrsztak who was everything I could have ever wanted in a partner as a rookie cop.
                                        [reply to Vevier]
                                      1. gomerstyle [reply]
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                                        God i am gonna miss kewlin my dragon killin partner! I wish you were with us to do the chaos dragon, as i wanted to be able to finally kill it with you. You will be missed and glad to see this one in the hall! Great work btw
                                          [reply to gomerstyle]
                                        1. sylos [reply]
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                                          Well.......I guess we both had things get in our way I honestly never thought I'd see the day you would not be in the realms. But I definitely understand.
                                          I loved playing when you where on man
                                          Especially if their was dragons to be slain. I will deeply miss when me, you, and goron would get together to slay dragons or just get into some serious trouble. And now I know we will both miss slayin that one dragon(the chaos dragon) that we both needed to kill just so we could say we killed them all.
                                            [reply to sylos]
                                          1. Eloret [reply]
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                                            Vev, I'm just glad I got to play a roll in Kewlin's rp. I had a great time helping teach you the way of the pk as well along the way. I hope all is good with you. Good luck with everything, AR and real life related!
                                              [reply to Eloret]
                                            1. Dorimos [reply]
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                                              I loved this character, his influence and interaction with me as High Herald along with my other fellow Heralds made the game really worth playing. Vevier I had no idea this was you. Lol, no wonder he was always telling Ona and I to get off our ass and do something. Definitely a defining character and will be missed.
                                                [reply to Dorimos]

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