Khujina the Dishonorable
Khujina created on 12th of June 2019, and is currently 20 years old (11 hours played).

Title: the Dishonorable
Gender: Female
Level: 24
Class: drow dark-knight

Background history:


She is a short, ebon-skinned drow with a body neither lacking in curves nor in muscles. Her torso has seen decent muscular development, particularly in her pectoral muscles which emphasize the curves in her chest. Her shoulders and arms are also muscular for one of her kind, belying the idea that all drow are thin. Her legs show a bottom-heavy tendency in her build, starting with her well-defined hips, and going down to her tippy toes after passing beefy thighs which rub against one another, solid calf muscles which suggest she is capable of running or jumping, and bony ankles.