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Munn created on 28th of April 2018, and is dead and gone (17 years old, 16 hours, 24 days lifetime)

Title: the Sage of Arcane Power
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: quasit invoker

Background history:


This sickly colored thing before you is rather tiny. His bulbous eyes bulge from his abnormally shaped head and his eye are equally abnormal in shape. A weird shade of grey coloring surrounding a feline pupil, a slit vertical dilating horizontally. Munn's head is much too large in comparison to his body, his wings protruding from his back double again the length of his arms. He has a very frail frame, the only apparent muscle formation is that of his shoulders due to his constant flutter. A mischievous grin is always curled into his lips.

PK stats:

Kills: 0, Deaths: 7 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)
Pinnacle Kills: 0, Pinnacle Deaths: 4 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)

Kills by class:

Killed by class:
shaman: 1,

Tags: #trash, #done


  1. Munn [reply]
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    Nycticora reputable elite about an hour ago [reply]0
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    I'll say one thing for sure:

    Munn is a cheater 100%

    Fuck you and fuck this game. Just came to fuck things up, kill some people, pimp out some noobs and cause chaos. If that's cheating in your book then what the fuck all is the reason of playing evil chaotic? Fuck off im out
    1. Nycticora
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      don't come back loser
    2. Ceridwel
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      I was going to force a name change anyways. Oliva Munn is sacred.
    [reply to Munn]
  2. Nadrin [reply]
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    I am certain that if nycticora makes a statement like 100% a cheater then it means 100% you tripped up several internal alarms or were observed doing some form of multi or something like.
      [reply to Nadrin]
    1. twerpalina [reply]
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      You seem to act rather hastily and impulsively. A tantrum each time you screw the pooch? Perhaps take it as a learning experience instead. Trace the happening back to its roots and see where it all went wrong, then avoid the same happening in the future is all I can suggest/recommend to you.

      Munn could have had potential, but it seems that you lacked patience and get thrown off too easily by other people's actions/words.

      Best of luck on your next character ;)

        [reply to twerpalina]
      1. Davairus [reply]
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        Game lets you have a fresh start by just deleting. Dont fuck it up next time
          [reply to Davairus]

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