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Ona created on 26th of November 2012, and is dead and gone (92 years old, 1504 hours, 2 years lifetime)

Title: the Lost Sprite
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: elf healer

Background history:

  1. Untitled - posted at 2013-10-28 08:19:16
  2. A Rebirth - posted at 2013-11-14 23:45:20
Ona is the eldest daughter of Elum and Uduin Lightveil. Elum Lightveil was a proud attendant of the dragon for many years prior to Ona's birth. While she was loyal and dedicated most of her time to the Golden Citadel, Elum in many ways, played a big role in educating Ona about spirituality and Thera. Uduin Lightveil was General of the Dragonlords, having risen swiftly through the ranks of Dragonknight. Uduin was later appointed a new title after the Golden Citadel had discussed ideas for kingship or hierarchy, but what title he was granted remains a secret throughout Ofcol. Early childhood for Ona was sanctioned around the Golden Citadel, where a mute Dragonknight convoyed the adventurous little elf. Throughout her childish travels Ona encountered numerous situations that happened for a reason, and the outcome reflected in each, the beliefs of Sedgwick. Before Vert opened his blacksmithing business a shop known as the Sturdy Shield occupied the place. This business delved in the enhancement of shields through alchemy and enchanting. Ona became the heart and soul of the store outlet while her father was off amending things within the Golden Citadel. At this point in Ona's life she had discovered a desire for exploration, she wanted to help others and provoke the best from within them. Before her departure out into the world, Ona's parents gifted her with the very crest of the Sturdy Shield to take out onto the open road.<br><br>The young priestess spent hours praying next to the altar of Sedgwick, where she has always felt free and at peace. Passing the gates of Ofcol, her former guardian gave her a grey cloak bearing the mark of Timaran. He nodded at Ona and then dissolved into smoke behind as Ona stared off into the sunrise, about to begin her journey. She wandered through an icy path that dwindled atop the Earthen Falls, through which she reached the other side only to be greeted by a proud city that was built upon the ruins of New Thalos. Ona made pilgrimage to the Temple of Light within Timaran, finding and enlisting to the nearby Infirmary. Ona soon discovered her ability to heal others and completely rid the sick of their ailments. Sedgwick had found his instrument of healing with Ona's prowess of eternal servitude for provoking the good from all things in Thera. There was still more for Ona to accomplish, and through prayers with Sedgwick, the God of Water, she understood that she would have to master the school of white magic. Having reached the pinnacle of the healer's guild, Ona focused her efforts on this and also grew an interest to join the once glorified Mystics of Arcana. She then began a new pilgrimage to all shrines located throughout Thera, and nearly fell victim to Zylenier's twisted wrath. The Guardian of Ether, however, had been watching and saved her from clutches unknown. This marked the beginning of a new change within the Ivory Towers.


An elven priestess stands here with an air of carefree confidence that is most noticeable in her serene blue eyes outlined with a dash of sparkling green. She has a gentle face with high cheekbones that yet denote a hint of a wild spark lingering behind the playful curiousity of her visage. Ona adorns platinum blonde hair, groomed and shining brilliantly, which glimmers down to her shoulders in perfectly cut tips. The uniform hair spills down in between her shoulder blades in bladed formation, the rest of it cropping in circular fashion towards her shoulders where the shortest strands just barely tickle the pale skin of her collar bone. Glitter has been purposely spattered above her proportionally slim nose, around her white high trimmed eyebrows, and upon her thin pink lips. This young elf has a soft neck and narrow shoulders that form into equally lithe arms and hands, the rest of her form remains concealed beneath the many diamond-white flowing gowns she wears. On her left wrist is a tattoo, it is a family crest of an ancient gold dragon wrapped around a white cross. Below it reads Galanodel.

PK stats:

Kills: 20, Deaths: 7 (Ratio: 2.9, Efficiency: 74%)
Pinnacle Kills: 12, Pinnacle Deaths: 7 (Ratio: 1.7, Efficiency: 63%)

Kills by class:
healer: 1, paladin: 4, shaman: 2, shadow: 4, necromancer: 2, warrior: 3, thief: 1, dark-knight: 2, invoker: 1,
Killed by class:
warrior: 1, invoker: 1, thief: 1, necromancer: 2, dark-knight: 1,

Nemesis: Mikoos

Mystiques mentioning Ona:


  1. Davairus [reply]
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    This is good news for the second oldest character in Thera.
      [reply to Davairus]
    1. Vanisse [reply]
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      you had a good run and spectacular rp all the way through, so kudos to you for that. there were some not so great decisions, but overall i had a good impression of this character.
        [reply to Vanisse]
      1. Mikoos [reply]
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        *starts to write a big long rant, then just shakes his head and sighs.*
          [reply to Mikoos]
        1. Ergorion [reply]
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          Mad props to logging over 1500 hours and contributing as much as you did to the game. At the same time though, I wasn't a fan of Ona the character and had a sneaking suspicion that she may have been shared between a couple people.
            [reply to Ergorion]
          1. Nycticora [reply]
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            For awhile I thought Ona and Rheloth were the same player
              [reply to Nycticora]
            1. Rothak [reply]
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              Really? What made you think I was Ona?
                [reply to Rothak]
              1. Nycticora [reply]
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                You two were never online at the same time that I saw, and you often logged in soon after Ona logged out or vice-versa. Ravinah's RP was also abnormally solid for a heavily PKing character, while Ona participated in PK without logging out more than I normally see from a heavily RPing character.
                  [reply to Nycticora]
                1. Nycticora [reply]
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                  Whoops, I meant Ona and Ravinah not Ona and Rheloth

                  that was definitely a 6am post

                  wait maybe they are the same person
                    [reply to Nycticora]
                  1. Mikoos [reply]
                    0 , 0 , 0 .
                    I know who Ona is and have known from the start and I'd wish said player would out themselves already so I can bitch about a previous character they had and how it would have been an epic blood bath if they would have stuck with it, granted I would have gotten my ass kicked, but a record would have at least been set regarding a certain game mechanic.
                      [reply to Mikoos]
                    1. Dorimos [reply]
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                      NO!!!!! Well shit, loved rping with this character. I hope the next one was as good as this one.
                        [reply to Dorimos]
                      1. Hondorian [reply]
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                        I loved working with you. Good times, yo.
                          [reply to Hondorian]
                        1. Hrimoyan [reply]
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                          Very entertaining character. Look forward to your next one.
                            [reply to Hrimoyan]
                          1. Tiqa [reply]
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                            Wow, Ona killed herself? Guess Mikoos can finally rest in peace.
                              [reply to Tiqa]

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