Trilaron the Ruler of the Dead
Trilaron created on 01st of July 2019, and is currently 22 years old (55 hours played).

Title: the Ruler of the Dead
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: drow necromancer

Background history:

  1. The Underdark - posted at 2019-07-03 02:40:42
The Underdark
Trilaron was born near the outskirts of Seringale. This is not to say that he was unaware of the tragedies of the history of his race. He was so ingrained with stories of the Underdark, he may as well have been under the whips of bondage himself. He was raised by a poor mother, and a terribly unloving father. The latter of which may well have been one of the reasons he chose to join the guildhall of the death mages. Trilaron's father so loved the dark arts, the young boy lost his first pet to a sacrifice by his father, and unfortunately he bore witness to the ritual. Some boys that young might have been traumatized, but Trilaron was enthralled. It was an event that changed him forever. He often tried to convince his father to teach him, but his father often told him how little time or care he had for the boy. Despite his mother's disdain for the magics of death and urging him not to, Trilaron could not let go of the fascination with them. He vowed he would learn to master all the magics one could in the guildhall of necromancers, and perhaps one day find even more power than most would even fathom with such magics.


There is a being of vile appearance before you. It seems as though it has long since perished, but continues to somehow exist. Not as though it suffers from rot, but feels devoid of life as most would describe it. An extremely pale complexion over each piece of exposed skin you can see gives you the impression that this being does not enjoy sunshine. Its eyes are rather sunken into its head as though it has not enjoyed real sleep in some very long time. It appears as though it was likely a male of its species, and could have had some elven heritage long ago in his bloodline, owing to the slightly pointed ears, and overall stature. Although, the latter is more difficult to ascertain due to the pitiful state of posture this tortured thing appears to carry itself along with. He has many visible scars, some very deep and some seeming not so bad, over each part of his body. One of the most notable would be on his face, from the top left of his forehead down to the right corner of his mouth, badly disfiguring his nose, and nearly costing him his left eye. His hair (or what of it remains) is very straight, and very long, and very dark, and very thin.