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Ulsa created on 24th of June 2016, and is dead and gone (25 years old, 169 hours, 10 months lifetime)

Title: the Grand Mistress of Assassins
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: avian thief

Background history:

  1. A hatchling of love. - posted at 2016-07-25 22:09:57
A hatchling of love.
North of the Seringale city lies the beloved mountain tops. Two small blue eggs lay within the nest, slightly twitching. Peck, Peck. Small breaks in the eggs revealed two very different hatched avians, one of beauty and grand health and the other a pile of hair and bones. Cooing soon erupted from the healthy one, followed by worms for nutrition. Not just any worms, the healthy one was to be fed the fresh worms, while the pile of bones avian was fed the regurgitated remains of the last of dawns picking. The two became known as Ethie and Ulsa, brother and sister bird. Weeks passed as Ethie took flight from the nest, leaving behind poor Ulsa to fend for herself with no parents left to tend to the home of straw and twigs. With what strength she received of the left over worms, she built the courage to take flight. Plump! Straight from the nest she fell, a torn wing still barely attached. Surely her wings had the time to mature, but that was not the case. She picked herself up and walked down the mountainside in search of others of her kind. There were none to be found, except for bleeding vultures devouring left over corpses. She scurried on down the mountainside and into the plains where she came across the nearest town. Loud noises, the plucking of instruments, the faint sounds of footsteps all filled the city. It was too much for her, too much for such a young age. She carried on west into another city. She came into what is known as Valour, city of angels. She was taken into the arms of a young Knight who had sworn protection over all entering the well- known city. She was fed more than enough, more than mother ever allowed her, more than brother Ethie had ever been allowed, and afterall it was fresh, no leftovers. She became a beloved friend of the Knights, a beloved citizen of all of Valour. She knew in her mind she was like them, A knight of Valour. She soon faced a startling truth, even those of the Light untouched by the grace of Valour would not keep her at ease and at safety against their wrath. She held her head high, in search of another truth. She remembered that first town, the town known as Seringale.


Fluttery of the wings arouse tiny vibrant orange hairs coating her frame. Two slanted orbs shadowed by black lashes are planted on each side of her ellipse-shaped head. An ivory coloured bill cracked with age extends from her face. A pair of hallowed holes rest just above an elongated neck connecting to a petite body. Brightly painted feathers surround a barely visible breast lacking any form of protection.

PK stats:

Kills: 2, Deaths: 5 (Ratio: 0.4, Efficiency: 28%)
Pinnacle Kills: 5, Pinnacle Deaths: 5 (Ratio: 1, Efficiency: 50%)

Kills by class:
healer: 1, paladin: 4, invoker: 1, berserker: 3,
Killed by class:
dark-knight: 3, warrior: 1,

Nemesis: Drachen

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  1. This character added a lot of action and storyline to the game and will be missed. Wish there were more like these.
    1. The thought is mutual. As well, some of Cyprian's best opportunities to act in the capacity of an apostle were with this character.
    [reply to Hrazha]
  2. asudan [reply]
    2 , 0 , 0 .
    I sure had a load of fun on this character. Cyprian, we had a great deal of interactions- loved every minute of it. Was great causing chaos within Knights. Thanks for playing along, Vevier and Vanisse.
      [reply to asudan]

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