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Vesest created on 24th of January 2015, and is dead and gone (22 years old, 115 hours, 8 months lifetime)

Title: the Ruler of the Dead
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: human necromancer

Background history:

  1. The Early Life - posted at 2015-07-15 01:17:59
The Early Life
Vesest grew up in a relatively normal family, as an inhabitant of Seringale. As she grew up, she found an interest in everything magic, especially that of the life and death. A bit of a cruel side took over her, as she would often find beggars and the homeless to toy around with her maledictions. As she kept practicing her ways, she heard more of the Necromancer guild, and their even more powerful incantations. She thought herself ready to learn the ways, and proceeded to speak with the guildmaster. Everything about their halls interested her, so she joined them, seeking the knowledge of life and especially of death.


A thin woman, completely pale, makes her presence. Her stature is the first noticeable attribute, standing no taller than five feet, a bit short for a human. Her eyes are an odd, off-white color, which accents her pale skin. There is quite a few wrinkles on her face, perhaps indicating the habited posture of a grim smirk. Stretching from her body are long arms, which fade into a darken skin pigment at the wrist and extending to the ends of her fingers. The rest of her body isn't as distinguishable, due to the covering of her wares.

PK stats:

Kills: 0, Deaths: 4 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)
Pinnacle Kills: 0, Pinnacle Deaths: 2 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)

Kills by class:

Killed by class:


  1. Nadrin [reply]
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    Why the delete?
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    1. Andrael [reply]
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        [reply to Andrael]
      1. So this character had no real RP at all. I practically got powerleveled with people to 50'ish. I stopped playing it for about a month or two aside from the random moments to do something different. After awhile I decided I either need to go PK people, or join Heralds/Mystics. Since I haven't played a necro since a handful of years ago, I figured PK was gonna be a bad choice. And since the last time I really played was shortly after Mystics release, I went that way.

        Learned a lot about necro's in peace and quiet so that was nice. I just wasn't going to have the time to devote to the character anymore and even though Mystics, aside from Goron, are non-existent/inactive, I just don't like to do that, personally. I've had to deal with it myself on characters in the past where the whole cabal/coterie disappears and it just feels shitty being the leader/second-in-command person with no one to boss around.

        Sorry Goron, that's about it.

        Side note, I think all my deaths but one were to something I considered, it said something like "well-matched opponent" and it followed up with a one round death for me. I would laugh so hard, and it was fantastic.
          [reply to Rayor]
        1. Vanisse [reply]
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          Aww. I liked our banter. Now who is going to tease Goron with me? :P Glad you had fun with it while it lasted. Good luck with the next!
            [reply to Vanisse]

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