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Voglin created on 17th of September 2014, and is dead and gone (27 years old, 212 hours, 7 months lifetime)

Title: the Volcano of Infinite Rage
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: fire giant berserker

Background history:

  1. The Golem's Rise - posted at 2015-02-28 03:23:06
  2. The Golem's Rise, Part 2 - posted at 2015-02-28 03:28:30
The Golem's Rise
Terrance shuddered at the thought of another night alone, locked up here in this cell. It was cold, damp and dark. Whats more, the whole place stank of sewage and human waste. Enough to make man sick. He had tried all his basic prayers, trying to cleanse the water or the food, but nothing seemed to work. Something was keeping him from speaking to his god. A sound from outside roused him from his melancholy, making him flinch at what waited in store for him. His torture was unique, he felt. Most men would cower from barbs or sharp implements, but Terrance was a priest and knew these things could be healed. Instead, what they knew would hurt him most, was watching another suffer in front of his eyes and let that person lay dying while he helplessly tried to close up stomach wounds or tend burns with nothing more than the fetid water he had to hand. He would watch helplessly while they lay dying in front of him, tearing his hair in frustration, cursing the guards and their damned captain for the pain it brought. The door opened, the hinges protesting with violent screeches. Two men entered, both clad in the guards gray outfits. Behind them, instead of a bound man or woman, condemned to die for his torture, was the captain himself. He was a slight man, not unlike Terrance himself, light of skin with a smattering of freckles upon his delicate features. He wore his hair and clothes in the latest fashion, but it was his eyes that showed the man's cruel genius. They were dark and brooding, hooded like a bird of prey and they watched like one as well, flitting back and forth. Terrance always expected him to dash suddenly and strike out for the kill. A third guard entered and put a chair down, which the captain sat on. Well now, High Priest Terrance. How has your stay been with us? The captain glanced about the cell with an earnest look upon his face, Comfortable, I hope? Terrance simply looked down, not meeting those eyes. He knew what lay in store for him this night, why make it worse? The captain let out a dark chuckle, as if sensing his thoughts he said, Well, it seems you've survived many weeks of this punishment. If it were up to me, wed see how long we could go for! The last was said with an almost exuberant tone, but then he spoke as if a man set upon by a great force, Alas, it is not up to me. Truthfully, he leaned in closer to Terrance, You are going to wish that you had all the time in the world to spend with me A smooth hand grasped Terrances chin, thrusting it up so he could meet the captains eye. You have one chance to escape this fate, worse than this and that is to repent your crime. Terrance shook slightly, with that hand upon his chin and finally stepped back casting his eyes down once more. The captain shrugged, Very well. Gesturing over his shoulder he said, Bring it in.


PK stats:

Kills: 33, Deaths: 15 (Ratio: 2.2, Efficiency: 68%)
Pinnacle Kills: 31, Pinnacle Deaths: 13 (Ratio: 2.4, Efficiency: 70%)

Kills by class:
paladin: 4, shaman: 1, thief: 1, shadow: 1, monk: 10, warrior: 8, berserker: 2, dark-knight: 4, invoker: 2, illusionist: 2, healer: 1, vampire: 2,
Killed by class:
thief: 1, dark-knight: 5, vampire: 2, healer: 1, monk: 1,

Nemesis: Darzan

Logs mentioning Voglin:


  1. Tiqa [reply]
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    That's unexpected. I thought Voglin was the Legion leader.
      [reply to Tiqa]
    1. Clifton [reply]
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      Voglin was cool. I like when he killed Rohandric for gold from Korvut.
        [reply to Clifton]
      1. Davairus [reply]
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          [reply to Davairus]
        1. gomerstyle [reply]
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          A legion I actually liked to see around. Had some great clashes with you that ended up in neither of us falling to each other but tons of fun in those fights. Surprised you deleted but good luck to you.
            [reply to gomerstyle]
          1. Davairus [reply]
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            There's been some problems with cabals that have been identified but not fixed from a while back. I think this has something to do with it. Nothing we weren't already aware of and trying to make time for though. Olyn's said he's going to try to address most of those things tomorrow. I suspect there's a little more to it, just maybe some general frustration (cabal characters can be very fun but sometimes also frustrating to play if you hadnt noticed).
              [reply to Davairus]
            1. Faelon [reply]
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              Considering the turn the conversation is taking and some assumptions being made about my deletes, I'll go ahead and set things straight.

              Firstly; both Voglin and Marest were mine. Neither of them was in anyway a protest against the game. Are there things I don't like? Sure. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy playing the game.

              I made Voglin as a messing around fire giant zerker, when the changes came out to them. Didn't play him for a while and then decided to go Legion. I absolutely loved his RP and it was a pity I never did get the custom race in place. Regardless, everyone knew Voglin as the Golem, so that suited me just fine.

              I've never had a Legion beyond Overseer, I don't think, so this was my first Leadership of this cabal. Absolutely had a blast. I also never had a character as prone to just straight up violence as this guy.

              As to my deletion, that is two fold. First, I was getting bored. Most of my fights were rehashes, the same fights over and over. The Legion doesn't have a ton of RP in it, which is unfortunate. Most of it is, "I evil, I want control." Which, while it has avenues that are enjoyable to RP, isn't exactly what I had hoped to do when Voglin came along.

              Second; The time I had, I no longer have. I've been injured, due to a work related accident and as of this very week, I should have a new business open and operational. As any small business owner will tell you, it isn't something you can dedicate only forty hours a week to.

              On that note, I'll be around and I'll doubtless create something at some point in the future. I'll even Trolololol my way around the forum.

              So simmer down and have fun guys.
                [reply to Faelon]
              1. Ceridwel [reply]
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                Have a coke, sunshine. It was cool to see you branch out with this guy. Hope the injury is minor.
                  [reply to Ceridwel]
                1. Nycticora [reply]
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                  I promoted Voglin because Legion needed a leader and there was a hole. I'd seen some basic roleplay, but overall the character wasn't really that big a deal. I actually didn't bother to check who was playing him and had no idea this was Faelon until after he deleted.

                  Then he was taking charge, people were actually getting inducted without me and approvals and disapprovals of applicants was happening, that shit was awesome. Then out of nowhere Voglin fuckin abducts Fynth and dunks his ass with a bugged weapon for a humiliation delete.

                  If that's not a Forsaken, I don't know what is lol

                  we were gonna have a Legion civil war next because we finally have enough people to do it and it was gonna be [b:a1f546beda]awesome[/b:a1f546beda]. Like Mkatos and the dragon awesome. But ah well, it was a good run anyway. Good luck and I hope you feel better, you should come by IRC sometimes and hang out.
                    [reply to Nycticora]
                  1. Tiqa [reply]
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                    I thought Voglin was great! I could really picture the fire inside your ceramic chest spurting forth each time you spoke. I have never seen a fire giant seem so real. Those emotes were creative and memorable.

                    You are a true leader. Look at the number of people you got to join Legion, including all the earls and countesses. Amazing! Your leadership should stand you in good stead with you new business.

                    I don't think my character has ever met one of yours Faelon, but it was an honour and fun. I am sorry you deleted.
                      [reply to Tiqa]
                    1. Tiqa [reply]
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                      Darn. I meant I don't think I had ever encountered any of your characters before I met Voglin.
                        [reply to Tiqa]
                      1. Nycticora [reply]
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                        hahaha holy shit, the forsaken goes out by inducting mico and deleting and gets exalted

                        ok you win this character was awesome
                          [reply to Nycticora]
                        1. ewils03 [reply]
                          0 , 0 , 0 .
                          Voglin was one of my favorites! I hadn't seen RP like in a long while. Fantastic work on him.. Voglin's time was short, but he has my vote on exalted.
                            [reply to ewils03]
                          1. Great character and RP. Certainly helped Legion grow, but I'm a bit torn on whether he should be exalted or not. Good luck with the business.
                              [reply to Rayor]
                            1. Olyn [reply]
                              0 , 0 , 0 .
                              I definitely thought this character had the potential to be exalted someday for solid RP and PK, but the timing of the delete lands him as flash in the pan in my mind. I was looking forward to something big from him and Legion.
                                [reply to Olyn]
                              1. Kato [reply]
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                                Well played Faelon. Sorry to see you go, and good luck with your business!
                                  [reply to Kato]
                                1. Davairus [reply]
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                                  He was basically leading both knights and legions (as in, both cabals wanted to give him their respective leader spots) at exactly the same point in time. Who doesn't dream of being a cabal leader? This guy doesn't, he goes out and does it on every character he plays ever.

                                  8 months + over 200 hours is a decent character, and would've been longer if he haven't gotten a real-life injury. The PK record shows he's well on track to be triple digit pk record in under 2yrs.
                                    [reply to Davairus]
                                  1. Xenyar [reply]
                                    0 , 0 , 0 .
                                    Created 8 months ago.. went inactive very quickly..like the same month he created. Then he came back around for the last 6-8 weeks and was active as fuck. This guy might have a total of 10-12 weeks of total activity since being created.
                                    Absolutely well on his way to the halls, if he stayed at the pace he was going....he was just short lived. Only a few months of activity. Nonetheless, he did make a great impression in that short time of overall activity,
                                    I have to agree with Olyn's point though.

                                    Great char, Faelon. Good luck with the biz. Opening a biz is the reason I deleted cabal leads before...and a reason I won't have a cabal lead for a long time...just not enough time to dedicate to the game.
                                    Your business will consume your life for quite a while.. but it will be worth it in the long run I hope.
                                      [reply to Xenyar]
                                    1. Thorgoth [reply]
                                      0 , 0 , 0 .
                                      Damn now what am I gonna do.
                                        [reply to Thorgoth]

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