Vyrvyxyl the Mage of the Blood-Star
Vyrvyxyl created on 16th of January 2017, and is currently 26 years old (181 hours played).

Title: the Mage of the Blood-Star
Gender: Male
Level: 40
Class: illithid necromancer

Background history:

Description (commended):

A mass of grey tentacles accentuates the large, bulbous skull of this rangy abomination. Its eyes, blackened chunks of hardened flesh, appear infinite in depth, yet simultaneously incapable of producing more than a dead, flat stare. Under each eye is a small crevice, almost crater-like in appearance, that is unlikely to serve any olfactory purpose. Its appendages are long and lined by the same dry grey hide as the rest of it, save its black phalanges, which are more akin to claws than human fingers. This nightmarish figure is clearly animated, but perhaps not alive.

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