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Xintallia created on 01st of July 2017, and is dead and gone (19 years old, 48 hours, 5 months lifetime)

Title: the Warrior Princess
Gender: Female
Level: 46
Class: slith warrior

Background history:


Silver, frizzy hair neatly coiffured to reveal a thin, lived-in face that is covered in emerald green scales. Bright yellow glowing eyes, set seductively within their sockets like tiny gems. She has a big smile with hundreds of tiny sharp teeth, it's amazing her long thin tongue doesn't get torn to shreds the way she flicks it out of her mouth. She stands two head taller than a common broom but her knee-high boots make her as tall as any human man.

PK stats:

Kills: 0, Deaths: 6 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)
Pinnacle Kills: 0, Pinnacle Deaths: 0 (Ratio: 0:0, Efficiency: 0%)

Kills by class:

Killed by class:
invoker: 1,


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