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Yiebaen created on 22nd of November 2016, and is dead and gone (31 years old, 285 hours, 2 months lifetime)

Title: the Purifier of Shadows, Archon of Valour
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: storm giant warrior

Background history:

  1. A brutal beginning - posted at 2016-12-03 04:46:41
A brutal beginning
As I looked out into the dead of night, eyes straining to discern movement, my heart jumping into my throat with each rapid beat. I looked to each side at my friends, both far more experienced in combat than I, looked calm and determined. A twig snaps over there Leaves rustle in the wind over there. No sign of our quarry. I try to swallow down the lump in my throat, that couldn't possibly be my heart? They said their cave was around here somewhere. They both stride purposefully on, eyes scanning the ground for anything at all. I notice their hands are sitting firm around their weapon handles. Bursting out of the brush, a giant to which I had never seen! Muscles, sinew, hair and Height!! Oh how tall this beast was and the hands, that could grab my head in one massive fist. All three of them acted in unison, as the beast swung his fist over head to his right, my friend ducked under from the left and gutted him right there on the spot. So clean the cut was the beast carried through with his wild blow connecting so hard with my other friend that I heard the audible sound of his neck snapping as his head whipped around. Before I could ask myself why he had just stood there, a second massive form came barreling out of the bushes, fury burning in her eyes at the death of her mate. The thud of his body hitting the ground still, seemed to bring her further into a state of madness, if that were even possible. My friend pulled out a dagger to dual to his short sword. Waving his arms in and out, up and down fast and sinewy like a snake, ready to strike. It didn't take her long to close the distance as they clashed in a brutal dance of stump size fists swinging for a killing blow and razor sharp blades. Gashes appearing here and there, but her mindless fury was preventing a killing blow. Gods willing she land one of those ugly fists he was done. Both of them realising that the fight was coming to an end, neither of them could sustain this kind of combat forever. He went in low for a fatal stroke along the inside of her leg, attempting at her artery. Sensing her impending doom anyways, the beast had outsmarted him. She had held her arms arm goading the low maneuver only to seize him and simply let out her weight crushing him with a sickening crunch, both dead before the dust settled. I stand there dumbfounded, shaken and suddenly very alone. A throaty cry shatters the silence, not an animal, but high pitched a child? Again, it pierces the night. I begin to follow the sound. In a cave not too far at all from the wicked scene below, nestled in a rudimentary basinet, a giant's baby. I shall name you Yiebaen I whisper as I lift him out of his bed. I vowed then and there to raise him right, something good to come from something so terrible. I will move to Valour and teach you to speak proper Serin, and when you are older I Will find someone to train you in the art of combat. I will instill in you the virtues of a Knight, you will be a shining light in a world shrouded in darkness.


What stands before you is a behemoth creature. Thick skinned to the point of armor, and dull gray hued he lumbers on. Yiebaen has a crooked smile, practiced, and clearly fake. Random patches of thick white hair randomly mar his whole head and face. He has an average face, for his species. Shoulders, though rather large, seem relaxed and poised at the same time, a neat limbo. Yiebaen displays a well muscled and massive chest, atop washboard abs. His legs are very heavily muscled as well, through sheer movement alone, strained from all the weight over the years. His thick skin adding so much weight, and massive bone structure allows him a certain thud like phenomenon when he steps.

PK stats:

Kills: 16, Deaths: 30 (Ratio: 0.5, Efficiency: 34%)
Pinnacle Kills: 15, Pinnacle Deaths: 25 (Ratio: 0.6, Efficiency: 37%)

Kills by class:
warrior: 8, shaman: 3, illusionist: 4, thief: 1,
Killed by class:
warrior: 8, shaman: 1, illusionist: 6, paladin: 1, vampire: 1, monk: 2,

Nemesis: Xynch

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  1. Bladefurry [reply]
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    but i was going to murder you :(
      [reply to Bladefurry]
    1. tayyah [reply]
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      All these were mine, needed a change of pace. I was going to delete Yiebaen last night with my other characters but Kang was on and I wanted to have one last fight before I went. Ugh where to start. I tried to make a knight version of Awfhar, and just didn't even come near to what I expected. That 1 str... it might be in my head but fuck seemed like a huge difference on top of 100 less hp. Regal Radiance is terrible compared to Malicious beast. I hate being good aligned lol, I really lost interest in this char right around the second time I lost the Titanic set HAHA Thanks to all who helped me aquire it though, like 5 times. I tried to be super helpful, I lost count of how many characters I helped power level. anyone who asked I never said no. Being polite and constructive to Xynch in character and out of character was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Thanks you guys for the AWESOME FREAKING TITLE lol, it really was a huge deal for me, in 17 years this was my second custom title. Im not gone, just starting over.
        [reply to tayyah]
      1. Ceridwel [reply]
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        God damn you guys prematurely deleting. This guy was awesome.
        1. tayyah
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          I disagree. No one decides when its premature but the person playing it. He had 285 hours on him over 30 deaths, I was losing interest in him fast. He wasn't fun to play when I was playing him and I don't feel any regret or loss. I don't feel that this was premature. I would rather focus on a character fully that I enjoy than drag out a character I dread playing.
        2. tayyah
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          I appreciate the praise though, he did receive a lot of it. I learn more and more every character I play. Forward is the only available direction
        3. Ceridwel
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          Ok fair point, I won't say premature. Just sorry to see you go. You were leading the Knights to splendor, after all.
        [reply to Ceridwel]
      2. Ergorion [reply]
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        How did you die to illus?
        1. tayyah
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          All 6 were Sevaush
        [reply to Ergorion]
      3. Damn, now I never will get to taste your brains!!! I was wondering who would be putting 250+ hours on a char in one month! Damn! I also think premature, had a LOT of RP and PK potential still in the tank, imo. But, it is a game, and if not fun, no point, I guess. Best of luck on the next(s).
        1. Silly rabbit, brains are for... nevermind.
          Yiebaen, NOOOOO!
        [reply to Zabzilsch]

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