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Zelrina created on 26th of June 2018, and is dead and gone (18 years old, 32 hours, 8 days lifetime)

Title: the Shadow Mistress of the Lau Kuan
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: drow shadow

Background history:

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A girl in chains
Spittle drips from his cracked and crusted lips, spread wide in a malicious, fang-bearing grin of ecstasy alloyed with insanity. His breath comes hot and heavy as he stalks his whimpering, petrified prey. Calling upon he innate strength of the truly wicked, he bunches his muscles and springs upon her lithe, half-starved elven form. Chained as she is, with nowhere but small circles to run about the stake that anchors her within the grimy cell, she cowers, shuddering not unlike a mouse hearing the shriek of an owl overhead at the darkest hour of the night. He pounces upon her, his human weight lending force to his maniacal rage. Her face is masked in terror, though the tenancy of that visage quickly fades into a defeated, expressionless resignation before her eyes roll back into her head and she fades into the welcome embrace of nothingness. She will know what happened, but will never remember it. The fates are unusually kind, this time. Heavy footsteps echo down the dark corridor, rousing her from fitful sleep. The rattle of keys and the turn of the lock cause her to open a swollen, blood-crusted eye. She stares warily towards the entrance, feigning sleep even as her body begins to convulse in abject terror. The termagant shaking causes her chains to rattle, belying her awareness of the intruders within the small, dank cell. The muttering of the beast, for he is certainly that, escalates into screams of rage and fear as the forms that have entered the cramped space remove his chains and utter the indecipherable incantations of the arcane, bending him to their will. As he is lead away, his face a mask of terror even the strongest magics cannot constrain, a smile spreads across her lips. Murmuring quietly to herself as the door closes and the lock turns, her hand settles upon the growing lump of her belly, gently stroking. Slowly, the pains ease into a constant throb. Soon, she thinks, this aberration will be drawn from her. If it does not consume her, first. Pain. Dark rivers of undulating, unrelenting and unremitting pain course through her lithe body, culminating in backbreaking, jaw clenching, teeth crushing convulsions. Her cries of agony do not go unnoticed. Even as the last throws of agony erupt between her legs, crowning in a pool of mucous and blood, she feels something break within her. As the placenta encased form slides out from within her, a wave of darkness, interminable eternity, slowly consumes her consciousness. She will never be aware of the dark, distinctly feminine form standing over her cooling body, uttering unintelligible phrases that lift the still form from between her wretched thighs. She will never know the road her progeny will travel, that its twists and turns will be more vile, by far, than her own deplorable existence. Standing over the corpse of her recently expired slave, the newcomer nods her head with a smirk of dark satisfaction, turning to exit even as the small form begins to wriggle in the cool, damp air, carried out before her on the winds of magic. 'Perfect', she thinks to herself with a wicked smile. The fates have swung to new lows, the depths of evil saturating the beginning of another miserable life.

Description (commended):

An unimposing, seemingly broken figure stoops before you, bent at the waist and clearly bow-legged. Her spindly, discordant legs, ending in pidgeoned, nearly ossified feet, appear incapable of bearing any weight, yet she remains aright despite their tremulous and anemic semblance. Although she appears burdened by some invisible weight, her head is lifted in apparent defiance as her piercing gaze roving endlessly about her surroundings. Dark almond eyes shift frantically, wildly, not unlike a cornered beast. A multitude of thin scars crisscross the soft, olive skin of her face, culminating in a ragged line that could once have been a proud, distinguished nose but now lies twisted in ruin. Her thin, blood-red lips attempt to hide two small, yet sharp fangs protruding from her mouth. The dark, damaged skin circumscribes her thin face, ending in slightly pointed and scar-thickened ears. Her breath comes in ragged gasps, as if even the act of living exerts a great toll upon her body. A bundle of pouches and vials slung about her thin waist adding to the weight of the world that continues to bear down upon this young drow, their make and purpose concurrent with those held by many of the poison-users in the lands, albeit second or third hand by their worn, clearly deteriorated condition.

PK stats:

Kills: 2, Deaths: 3 (Ratio: 0.7, Efficiency: 40%)
Pinnacle Kills: 0, Pinnacle Deaths: 1 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)

Kills by class:
healer: 1, shaman: 1,
Killed by class:
monk: 1, ranger: 2,

Nemesis: Luc


  1. twerpalina [reply]
    0 , 0 , 0 .
    Sorry Chaut and Bhali for wasting time and helping me get levels.

    The idea of this character was to play a seemingly tortured, borderline crippled girl whom people would underestimate due to her looks and then she'd turn out to be a swift and deadly murderer instead.

    Well, the latter part really lacked.

    I could not figure out how to properly play this class for the life of me. I read logs, studied helpfiles and put a lot of effort into training, but it just seemed SO FRAGILE! By the time I was able to figure out what to do next in a battle, I was already beaten.

    Probably a bit too over-confident in my learning ability and a bad choice for first fighter char.

    Mainly deleted because I don't have enough time to invest into her and I applied into Legion too hastily, not realizing I utterly suck at playing her PVP-wise.

    Again, sorry for such a letdown.

    This was my pracset:

    acupuncture 75% art of chameleon 75% art of condor 1%
    art of phoenix 75% art of scorpion 75% art of tarantula 76%
    assassinate 90% blindness dust 99% caltraps 89%
    chii 83% clobber 91% corrosive shuriken 95%
    counterbalance 100% dagger 100% decoy 75%
    detect hidden 78% detect invis 86% dirt kicking 93%
    disable trap 75% disarm 85% dodge 100%
    double kick 90% dual wield 100% edge craft 75%
    endure 88% enhanced damage 100% fans 75%
    fast healing 99% forgotten arts 100% grappling hook 77%
    haggle 81% hand to hand 100% hide 100%
    ikuzachi 75% invisibility 76% kick 93%
    lightning shuriken 75% lore 84% mark of shadow 100%
    meditate 100% meditation 100% nerve 97%
    ninjutsu 100% obscuring smoke 75% parry 100%
    pick lock 76% poison smoke 75% quick wield 93%
    reclaim ninjutsu 75% scrolls 76% searing shuriken 100%
    second attack 100% shadow arts 75% sidestep 88%
    sneak 100% spear 100% spectral sight 75%
    staff 100% strangle 88% sunken state 75%
    sword 100% third attack 100% throw 100%
    trip 100% uncanny attack 94% vanish 75%
    whip 100%
    1. twerpalina
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      Oh and ASSASSINATE NEVER WORKED! All I ever could assassinate were the large hobgoblins lol ^^

      I didn't realize how it works before I started using it and was really disappointed as prior to rolling this char, I was like "oh this is cool, I can stalk people and then insta-kill them!" - but no xD
    2. BlackWidow
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      Well, as somebody who has barely played the shadow class (I have had one level 40 and one level 50, both when they were called ninjas), I can say this: using weapon advantage is important for shadows. Sidestep with a dagger (blade), uncanny if your opponent wields a sword or dagger (get both a one-handed and a two-handed exotic), and clobber with a one-handed spear or staff against segmented weapons.

      Keep in mind, I have never had stellar success with shadows... And I have never played a drow shadow. Shadows are not able to handle toe-to-toe combat very well with a fighter class. They are best at making a quick attack and then running away before the odds are against them.

      PS. The shadow is a rogue class.
    3. phredjoenz
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      Wow, disappointed that you couldn't master technique of a new class in 8 days? Give me that problem, hehe.
      I understand though if the class just didn't turn out to be what you hoped or expected, your time could be better spent on a different character that was more enjoyable for you to develop..
    4. twerpalina
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      Just didn't "feel" as I expected it would be.

      Therefore I didn't muster up enough dedication and determination to try against all odds.

      I know 8 days is a little, but i've had few other shadows lingering around level 25-35 before. This was my 3rd try and naaaaah, just not my cup of blood! ^^

      I'm glad I got to try it out or I'd be stuck with the "what if" in my head hehe xD

      you guys are amazing, i don't mind getting punched around here as opposed to my old mud where I would just be the unkillable top dog or delete. it feels very refreshing to be the underdog! <3
    5. Davairus
      0 , 0 , 0 .
    [reply to twerpalina]

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