The Serin Mystique, Volume 1, Issue 6

Issue 6 is finally finished after a bit of a Herald sabbatical after
Issue 5 was released. As you will notice, the History section has been
divided for ease of reading. We have also brought back the Battles section,
thanks to your reports.

We hope that you all enjoy this Issue as much as we have.

The sections you can 'look' at in the Serin Mystique are:

1) Events (see Events)
2) Rumors (see Rumors)
3) Cabal Affairs (see Cabals1, Cabals2)
4) History (see History1, History2)
5) Stories (see Stories1, Stories2)
6) Ask Keeb (see Keeb)
7) Arts and Entertainment (see Arts)
8) Battles (see Battles)

We hope that the voices of the past will guide your future journeys.

1) Events


Incase some of you haven't heard, there has been a bit of disorder within
the ever orderly Justice. It seems that the old timer Justice were
unwilling to accept Gorgwath in his position. Gorgwath, after bringing some
new policy and ideas to the cabal (as is his job of course), was brutally
attacked by several Justice who wanted cabal policy to be a democratic
decision. After several hours of verbal diarrhea between Gorgwath and the
undisciplined Justice (a mess as you might guess), Lord Davairus himself was
forced to step in and deal with the disorderly Justice. Both Jaru and
Gasire were victims of that day.

A short while ago, a deal was struck between the leaders of Serin's two
major warring cabals, Soluminus of the Knights and Resatimm of the Legion.
Seeking to bring fairness to the bloodshed that grips these two groups, the
leaders issued an edict that their followers would use only equal force in
dealing with each other in battle. For a time this pact was honored, but it
soon crumbled, with each side hurling accusations at the other. Avendin of
the Knights penned a scroll stating he had been assaulted by Lazion, Garnoth
and Dentus en masse, and Resatimm responded with his view that the agreement
had already been broken by Naydra and Avendin together. Because of this,
Resatimm then authorized the use of any means necessary for his Legions to
slay the Knights. In addition, he placed a bounty on the heads of both
Naydra and Avendin, offering a promotion within his ranks to whichever
soldier could first slay one of them. All out war seemed imminent. Naydra,
however, hoping perhaps to preserve the sanctity of the Knights, did not
authorize force to the Knights for dealing with the Legion. She is
confident that their experience and leadership are enough to bring the
Knights victory, without turning to the use of numbers. Time will tell
whether her confidence will prove costly, or wise.

The Arch of Gloria, the symbol of the holy city of Valour, has been restored
from the destruction wrought upon it. This happened because of an
extraordinary display of love by Titasher and Naydra, which I had the
opportunity to speak with them about, and which I will share with you all
shortly--I must spend some time going through the notes I took during the
conversation. I would urge all to take a look at the Arch, and allow its
beauty to touch your heart and your soul.

A sad day indeed for the Knights--Liamm Mcgreaior has chosen to leave their
ranks. He fought one final battle against the Priest of Darkness in
Seringale, then left their ranks to, as he said, go live in the mountains.
Whether he will be seen again in Serin or not is unknown, but he has been
taken off of duty.

Vicyal, the Angel of Arcana, mighty abyssal, has finally met his inevitable
fate. Upon the Second day of the Month of Dark Shades, he met a terrible
death. Caught in a rift created by a storm in the heavens, Vicyal lost his
life to an unknown slayer. Losing sanity after one of his few deaths,
Vicyal went on a death rampage, attacking all those that he could, nude.
Dying a grand total of four times to mortals, divine intervention took
place, when An Immortal slew Vicyal in cold blood, devouring his corpse and
denying him the privileges of walking the realms ever again.

Seemingly, Nimash went on a similar spree, and as I was told from the
horse's mouth, he planned on leaving the realms permanently. When I had
replied to his comment, he no longer walked the realms, leading me to
believe he had done the highly hoped, and left permanently, never to return.

I had the chance this day to speak with Vilkata, a young fell. He claims to
have forsaken his lord, and to now fight against the traitors, to preserve
Serin. He spoke that he wishes to become a Herald, so that he may further
help the Serin cause. I cannot be sure if he is sincere, but it will
certainly be useful for us to watch him, and speak with him if possible.
Perhaps if one can change his path, then many fells could.

2) Rumors


Gnome Mauled by Three Headed Goat: While walking through the Lush Valley
Gashir, a gnome invoker, was attacked by a ravenous three headed goat. He
sustained horrible bashing wounds and the healer had this to say "It was
either a giant using a pair of maces or a three headed goat... My moneys on
the..." Goat. Unfortunately the gnome was to dazed to comment but he did
utter this before he passed out "i.. T.. Waass.. A gioa... Umm..."
Which can be seen clearly to mean goat. This is horrible news what is in
the water of the lush valley to create such a creature? I am not sure but
perhaps you are if you have the answer write me. Me being Keeb.

Recently the Justice have become very interesting people. Vaargus never
walks the realms, Meriando always does, but is never at the right place at
the right time, Verikoz is scare, and Ryvius is a coward. Azelinesti is
also quite inactive. Rumor says that their new leader Gorgwath should
induct new, more dedicated members to replace those who cannot complete the
job. Many say that the Justice have become corrupt under his rule.

I've heard, while wandering around Seringale silently, and trailing their
kind.. That soon, the abyssal and fell plan to wreak absolute havoc among
Seringale, and all within their grasp. They intend to slay all possible,
and as swiftly as possible, including the cabal members, even the Justices.
I do not know exactly when it will take place, but I have heard soon, when
they have the best chance to strike, and at the most unsuspecting time.

Rumor says that Adorn The Knight of Valour was heard saying the following,
in concern to some sort of contest:

- Best looking and best knight: Winner is Andorn! With 9000 votes.

- Most likely to be found talking to a wall: Winner is Jijit! With 90

- Most likely to rain on your winter parade: Winner is Avendin! With 90

- Most likely to be stepped on: Winner is Titasher! With 500 votes.

I have heard rumors in the streets today that there may be a return of the
Demons of the Abyss to Serin. Apparently the Abyssals, who have arrived
more recently than the Fell from the Abyss have been talking among
themselves about the use of Demons during the next invasion that Zaikkra
himself is supposed to lead. The demon Decarni, who has been imprisoned by
Resatimm to serve as Legion guardian, has been said to have escaped to lead
the attack beside Zaikkra.

In response to a story about one of my more "exotic" type shows, Jemma, Holy
Matriarch of Healing, spurred much interest by removing all of her clothing
in front of a small crowd! I told her that I could indeed use an elf in my
act, since I had to replace a female werebeast and a female dwarf. It seems
that nobody likes a nude woman with a beard! After this, she responded
again by removing her clothes a second time! In any case, this came as a
shock to Delran, Squire of Soluminus, for they both share an intimate
relationship. Yay for naked elves!

It seems that a young lad named Henns thought he would try to stir up some
trouble between the cabals with a few simple notes. He apparently wrote a
note to each cabal saying that two other cabals were going to war with them.
This is what he wrote to the Heralds: Mystic's and Knight's have joined
forces to slay all herald's who walk these lands.

Thank you for the notice Henns! It is quite miraculous to see someone of
your caliber still walking about in the realms. Imagine... The valiant
Knights of Valour joining forces with the traitors of Serin! Let me see.
Where could you have received this information from? Well, I still thank
you for the information Henns. I did believe there was less stupidity in
the realms, but I guess you proved me wrong!

3) Cabal Affairs



Lord Resatimm has reported that the halls of Legion have been emptied. It
seems that there was a dramatic failure and collapse of the Legion as a
result of the poor leadership of Xyrattma. As is only fitting of Legion,
Xyrattma has been branded with the mark of failure, and Resatimm has asked
that we pay special attention to him. Any Legion hopefuls, be patient and
wait for word from Resatimm for when applications will be accepted again.


The threat of Legion has diminished because to their disbandment, but the
Knights have not been left without enemies. The Fells and Abyssals, who
pose a threat to not only the Light but all of Serin, have become the new
target of the Knights.

The Knights are currently recruiting, and are looking specifically for
Illusionists. For all who apply, be sure that you do not follow the Lawful
ethos, or you will not be allowed to enter the Knightly ranks.

Current members are, in order of rank: Naydra, Lourn, Jijit, Avendin,
Aeldan, Duersey, Titasher, Keistenmen, and Urgla.


A report from Nauglamir, Leader of the Mystics: As the Abyssal and Fell
amass, I still study their social habits. They seem to be affected by the
fact that in Serin, the King has less control. Some I see become inactive,
almost friendly. The newly released abyssal are very smart and from them I
believe I will gain the most knowledge. But seeing that they are newly
released and to not feel the Kings weakened power and your immortal
influence, they are more unstable and violent. This is my studies and soon
I believe, I will have an answer to the question if our worlds can coexist.

He seems to desire for the Fells and Abyssals to remain in Serin, and that
they will be able to become Serins, once Zaikkra is destroyed. He sees the
Traitors as a blind people, who have been guided by corrupt leaders, and who
could adjust to life in Serin, if given the chance. If we do manage to kill
Zaikkra, we will discover whether or not his followers from the Abyss can
survive without his presence.


Well, as most of you have probably already noticed, Jeradan has retired from
his position leading the Justice, leaving Gorgwath to replace him. Though
there were some rough times at the beginning of his leadership, resulting in
the removal of both Jaru and Gasire. However, replacing them are Addreodyn,
a psionicist who was previously mortal leader, and Ryvius, an Invoker.



Warlords have lost their Immortal leader, Ardoryn, to what seems to have
been the worst attack by the Abyss yet. Ardoryn was convinced by Zaikkra to
betray Serin, and has left us. Yet, the Warlords are still accepting new
members, despite the lack of leadership. They have also been given three
new provisions that they are supposed to follow, which are that a warlord
wins more than he loses, a warlord never declines a challenge, and a warlord
loves to fight and nothing else. Let us hope to see a new age of honor, and
of course good battles, with these new rules.


The Heralds are flourishing more now than ever, as they have expanded their
halls to contain Teanna, Keeb, Kalerin, Danside, Turir, Kaziranth, Eynsu,
Proteus, Harnak, Brennan, Tobken, Dokkas, and Rymerr. As always, the
Heralds are there for you to report anything of interest to. Their doors
are still open to any who wish to apply, but they ask that only those who
are truly dedicated to apply.


Rumors say that the Assassins are, as always, doing the needed job of
silently killing the hoarders and pests of Serin. If you know anyone who
fits that bill, go have a talk with Vinnie in Seringale, and I am sure he
can help you out.

NOTE: Because of the constant flux of the Cabals of Serin, please inform the
Heralds of any and all inaccuracies or omissions. In addition, the Heralds
cannot be held accountable for the accuracy of these reports, as it is only
a collection of the information they were able to collect from the general

4) History


The History of the Holy Avenger

I come before you this day with a bit of knowledge I have gained of an item,
and I hope it will come as some use to you. Long ago dragons walked the
great land of Serin, and chose places to call their own. One that we have
all come to know, is the wondrous Golden Dragon of Ofcol. He took this land
and appointed protectors to serve its needs. The most well known of the
protectors would be Marshall Diana. When Diana was appointed Marshall, the
great dragon removed a scale from his grand body, then released a blinding
flame upon it. When the smoke cleared, in Diana's hand was a wondrous
sword. Then the dragon started to speak. He said This is the Holy Avenger,
serve me well, and it shall serve you well. In my travels I have acquired
this sword. It is truly remarkable, for its slicing damage does at least
eighteen damage. When I sold this sword, I was given a great amount of gold
in the range of 2900 pieces. But my friends, if you have taint in your
heart you cannot touch this weapon for its purpose is soley good. It is
also light as a feather, so I urge you all to seek this sword, for it will
truly be a valuable asset in your arsenal. So this ends my records of the
Holy Avenger, I hope you all have enjoyed this and I hope that I have been a

The Recent Flood of LOVE

Greetings Serins, I come before you this day for I am truly happy with what
I have been seeing. Love seems to be in bloom in Serin as of late, and none
could be happier. With all of the recent marriages and engagements as of
late, it reminds of that there are more important things besides war. With
everything in such turmoil with the Fell and the evil that has tainted the
land, it has made us lose sight of the most important things in the world.
When a bond such as marriage is made between two people, they both know that
there lives will revolve around each other forever. This is why I scribe
this scroll to you the citizens, for I wish for you all to find love and
peace, and not lose sight of the things that make the land of Serin as great
as it is. And allow yourselves to not be persuaded by the temptations and
taints in this world, for without love one cannot live a truly happy life.
May the winds keep you all well and safe, and I truly hope you all find that
special someone.

The Departure of Ardoryn

My dearest friends and fellow children of Serin, my name is Tobekn, and I am
honored by this opportunity that I have now, for this is the first time that
I am scribing to you all. However I wish that this note could be on better
terms, for the news that I bring to you all today is that of the gravest
nature. Recently, many of you may have noticed the surge of the traitorous
Abbysal who are newly arriving to our fair lands, destroying our homes and
cities, wreaking what havoc they can on each and every one of our lives.
Paired with the previous uprising of the accursed Fell and our once brothers
and sisters who have turned traitorous towards their own lands, it would be
a sick joke to say that Serin is not suffering. Fortunately, I am pleased
to say that the new creatures, as well as the old, have posed less of a
threat to our homeland thanks to the combined actions of the noble citizens
of Serin who have been fighting with all their hearts to cleanse our lands
once again. To all who have stood and fallen against even the most
overwhelming of odds and opponents, I raise my axe and give you my deepest
of gratitude. I wish that I could end this scroll here, saying that nothing
else troubles me, but I must be the harbinger of bad tidings. As I bring
you this news now, I mourn deeply, for what I must speak of brings daggers
to my own heart. I write these following words with an unsteady quill, and
my hand quivers with each stroke, so please bear with me as I shall do my
best to continue. Before I became a Herald, I was once a Warlord of Serin,
serving at the right hand of our great leader, Ardoryn. However, it seems
that Ardoryn is with us no longer, for he has turned his back on all of my
brothers within the great fortress, as well as on the whole of Serin.
Taking what knowledge he has gained during his time among us, it seems that
the once leader of the Warlords has stolen away to different lands to use
what he has learned of Serin to rob us of our own livelihoods. Although it
cannot be determined beyond doubt at this time, many whispers hint of a


On Nauglamir and the Abyss

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Nauglamir, a
duergar shaman who it seems is the last remaining of the Mystics. Though
most Serins consider him a Traitor, and I myself have hunted him before, he
was willing to speak with me, as he felt his ideas were not viewed
accurately by the masses. For my part, though I felt some fear at being
with one sworn to our enemies, I felt a great need for Serin to see the
viewpoints of one on the other side. I found him to be well spoken and
confident in his words, if a bit sad and pensive at times. Though it is not
my place to offer an opinion on how one should deal with this issue, I would
urge all to listen carefully to what he has to say, and to think before
action, something I know we all can fail to do sometimes in the heat of

Serin would react to the appearance of the Fell, and he did not wish to risk
them falling under the control of the Fell and their leader. It seems the
Mystics underestimated the power and danger of the Fell--they first opened
the portal to the Abyss hoping to learn from the Fell, imagining the virtues
and knowledge to be gained from a whole race from another world. However,
they were overmatched and Malenfaler fell prey to the Empress of the Abyss.
Thus the Fell began inhabiting Serin.

Speaking of the Fell themselves, Nauglamir asked me to imagine a scenario
here on Serin. He spoke of the Gods we know, and how they often war among
one another. He then asked me to think of the outcome if one God were to
actually win this war, and thus control all life, and then twist it to
his/her own designs. In this way, he says, the Fell have lived, under the
cruel control of the Empress of the Abyss, knowing nothing but death and
pain, survival and one god. Under the cruel control of the Empress, they
came to Serin knowing nothing of life but this in their past.

He then said that it seems the Empress thought too highly of herself, as
mind. But, from the moment they set foot on Serin soil, they are
persecuted and attacked by all who see them. Going from this experience,
they only perpetuate the bloodlust they were raised on. However, he
believes that if they are not persecuted so, if they are instead taught
beauty and joy, then they can adapt to a normal Serin life, as they have
adapted now to killing and war. He seeks a Fell to take on as a disciple,
one who has not shed Serin blood, and hopes to teach this Fell the ways of
Serin, with the hope that together they can prove to the rest of Serins
that the Fell are not inherently evil and a force to be destroyed.

Our interview ended here, with Nauglamir vowing to continue surviving until
he could find such a disciple, and prove his theory to Serin. He stated
that he would continue to ally himself with them because he feels they can
be redeemed, and because he pities them for their past. For my part, I
would advise you all to consider his words. Be skeptical, of course, as
none can know for sure if he speaks the truth, but perhaps also we can tone
down our own bloodlust. Instead of hunting the Fell on sight, perhaps speak
with them, and see for yourselves if you believe in the truth of his words.

5) Stories


A Tale of the Mansion of the Malevolent

In the far western reaches of Serin, where few mortals dare to tread, unless
they are bold of heart, spirited, or so dogged mercenary, and lustful for
gold they care not what hazards their lives might be subjected to in an
expedition, stands the foulest, most evil ruin that ever was upon the face
of Serin. In this ruin, whose very name expresses the black purposes of the
evil residents within, Mansion of the Malevolent, are hidden piles of gold,
and treasure, to make any mortal with a sword, sick with greed, and
breathless with anticipation to line their pockets with its untold wealth.
The journey itself is treacherous. One proceeds down the western road,
where devils, knaves, and villains lay in wait for the unsuspecting passer
by, then leap out upon them with murderous intent. If you pass on to Haon
Dor, your luck will fare no better, and from thence to Drkshyre Wood!
Little need be said about the dangerous arachnids that spin their webs among
the black trunks and tangling underbrush of Drkshtyre. If a passing Gnoll
does not rend and tear your flesh, or a hairy spider make a meal of your
blood then a little further north, and west in the dirty and putrid waters
of the River Azial will give you much pleasure, I'm sure.

Despite all of these ills, I found myself in the company of a dwarf, and a
crafty bard on the western road to the mansion. The dwarf, whose name was
Dimwor, was a ferocious berserker. I had met him at a tavern in Seringale
the night before. Admittedly, your chances for finding suitable, and
reliable companions, for an expedition drastically spiral downwards, when
gambling away your life savings in a bawdy house at the same time. However,
luck was on my side, in that regard if not at the tables. I was having a
terr-i-ble run! As the licentious spinner raked away my stakes, this
pretentious dwarf roared with laughter, and delight at a side table. He was
apparently quite entertained with my sour luck. I shot him an angry glance,
"Whats so jolly about losing thousands of gold crowns, my dwarf? He drank
out of a tankard, and spat, ... Hrmmm, ... First of all, ... I'm nawt,
... 'my dwa'rf' as you say, .... The names Dimwor, ... Or Dim fa'r
short." All right then Dim-wor, ... , I prattled on, "What's so amusing?"
He tossed his tankard across the room, and flipped over his table. He began
shouting things in dwarven that I could not comprehend, but I'm sure they
had naught to do with my good health. He drew a sword, and advanced towards
me. I turned and drew as well. One look at his face told me I'd made a
critical error in engaging him. I would have to rely on diplomacy to save
my hide. I stammered, "I don't suppose, it would dissuade you from tearing
me limb from limb, ... To know that... I was prenticed' to Dr. Broondale
attorney at law for 6 months?" He sternly replied 'not a hoot' eh-hem, ....
Well, not even the fact that I would slap an action of battery on you? He
chuckled, and it sent a shiver down my yellow back, ..." Battery, my arse,
... You're not gonna be walkin' out of here to slap nothin' boy'o, so grab
your swoard and get ta swingin' in a huarry." My hand moved down to my
scabbard, and I clutched the hilt of my elemental sword, but my other hand,
also at my side, felt a pair of spectacles in my pocket, which I immediately
drew out, "Then, I'm afraid I'll have to throw human dignity to the four
winds, and make the universal appeal for mercy." I propped the spectacles
on my nose.



The outbreak of laughter that ensued shook the whole tavern, and even Dimwor
had to smirk a little. A bard that had been observing the scene, ...
Indeed, as the whole tavern had been riveted to us, jumped down from the
bar top where he was seated and heartily shook my hand. "Here's a third for
our expedition, Dim, or I'll be hanged... Haw haw" His name was Yor, a
human of around my age. He was a dashing fellow with a snappy repertoire.
He was the first bard I'd ever met, and I can tell you, traveling with bard,
is the only way to travel! As we bounded along over the highway, and
through the wood we got to know each other better and better, and became
fast friends. Dimwor, much to my surprise was actually not the brawling
sort, though still a dwarf and ill-tempered. He was however, a lightwalker,
and a good soul. His fiercest desire, was to squelch evil wherever it
reared its ugly head. "And, ..." , He said, "what better place to crack a
few dark skulls than Malovent? Eh? He he he!" Dimwor and Yor expounded
upon the legends of Vlad the Impaler, and the Mansion of the Malevolent as
we traveled, and of the hideous 'mutant trolls' that inhabited the dungeon
floor of the house. These were to be our primary prey, for they were evil
incarnate, ... And their hoarded treasures were great besides!

Soon, we were before her. She stood there, black, and ominous, with massive
pillars towering in front, and devilish gothic trimmings everywhere, all
overgrown with dank moss, ivy, and tangleweed. It all smelled of death and
decay. "Dogs ears!" , Said Dimwor as we stood just outside the tall reeds
in front of the massive mansion, Dammy if the deuce emself ain't a resident
here. We all shuddered, "Come Bard!" I said trying to be upbeat, "Lets
have something cheery, for battle!" We all chimed in for a rousing battle
hymn, and the magic of Yor's music enveloped, and enchanted us. Dimwor
smashed the front door down and a blast of foul air flew out and choked us
soundly. When we caught our breath and looked up. A ghoulish fiend decked
out as a man-servant fell upon us! Dimwor threw me to the front, Strike em
lad, and give no quarter! He shouted, ... I held the the creature at bay
while Yor, and Dimwor assisted from behind. We fell the beast, and made our
way inwards, towards the pantry, where Dimwor said, the trap door to the
basement could be found, and therein, our devil trolls. The house was as
forbidding within, as without, and every fiber of your body screams at you
to run, far, and fast. The air was poisonous and stifling on the bottom
floor. The basement, ... When we at last arrived was barely tolerable.
Dimwor was a determined and merciless sergeant at arms. We had to beg and
plead with him at times to let us sleep, which he would have none of. At
best he allowed us to sit and have a rest for a few hours, before we were
back up again, in the damp recesses of the basement. Sometimes chilling
cold to the bone, sometimes, when near the furnace, blazing heat like hell
fire. We had taken about 5 trolls, and a good heaping amount of treasure
before we decided to make tracks back to the river and head for home. I was
then thinking of joining Herald, and mentioned to Dimwor that, if I made it
home alive, and was accepted, he might read of our exploits on day. He
expressed contempt an the notion, "Scribes penning tales of troll hunting?
With all the other important doings in Serin? That'll be the day, ... If
you do so you'd have to be the most tired, bored man in all the realms...."

But as you can see, the story has been told to all. Who ever knew that a
simple adventure to the Mansion of the Malevolent could be so interesting
and adventurous!

6) Ask Keeb


Question One

Dear Myself, why isn't anyone writing you any Ask Keeb article questions?

Answer One

Well there are several possibilities Myself. First of all their is the
possibility some extremely unhealthy plague has spread throughout Serin and
killed the population. Of course that is easily discredited due to all the
people walking around. The next possibility is that the entire population
of Serin is illiterate thus making it impossible to read what I have written
and write back. In that case I wonder what happened to those who wrote me
before? And it is a pity because publishing the Mystique won't be as fun
anymore. The next possibility is that you can read exceptionally but you
cannot write. Which is easily remedied by hiring a scribe thus
discrediting that theory. I myself think you just don't want to write me
Well there are several possibilities Myself. First of all, there is the
which case I might just have myself and excellent feast but you aren't geese
so I can't comprehend it.

Question Two

Can I have your corpse? I am just starting out and I need something small
as my storage is currently limited. Send height, width, and weight (without
armor or soul). Yours for more efficient vivisection,


Answer Two

Well I'd be glad to give you my corpse in my will... I don't know how big
it is though might be too small don't exactly know how to measure my own
soul if I did I'd tell you though. You've inspired me though I think I will
make a will. Just in case I perish at some point. Of course maybe another
option would be to check the Shire lots of halflings there... But that's
rather cruel... Well I'll see what I can do.

Question Three

I has a question for you Keeb. First, I wants to ask you why you thinks
people is silly and breaks them Laws that are so wonderful. And second, I
wants to ask, what should an old lady do when she's retired? I likes to
talk to people, but since I doesn't have no job no more, I sometimes gets
lonely. Thanks yous Keeby! - Nebai Serptius the Warrior of Honor

Answer Three

Well I can understand the breaking the laws part Nebai. I am after all a
thief and have committed crimes in the past and have even been wanted. I
believe that most crimes are committed because people see some profit in
doing the deed perhaps a bit of gold or maybe the death of one they hate.
As for your other question its rather hard for to me answer not being an old
lady myself. However I think I have a few ideas of activities you can amuse
yourself with. You can for one learn to write poetry perhaps and perhaps
have it published. You can Perhaps in some way gain an apprentice and pass
on knowledge of all you know. Or the best idea is to turn to a life of
crime working by night and becoming a crime lord. No one would expect you
would they? What old retired lady as you say you are would turn to crime?

Remember, if you have any odd questions, send them to Keeb, and he will
answer them for you in the next issue of the Mystique!

7) Arts and Entertainment


A Poem by Solariette:

I sit here and perhaps scribe in vain,
But tis what I do to let go this pain.
I know I write of what others can also tell,
The disgust I hold for those traitors and fell.
Those rotten cowards who attack by force
Those who're alone, no group as a protective source.
And other fell, yes they fight alone,
But with no honor, no true courage shown.
These lands are o'er taken by evil hearts,
The lands ruled by refuse in so many parts.
We have brave Justices who seek to regain order
But they cannot protect us past a town's border.
So what choices Serins do we hold?
How will this fight against evil unfold?
What can we do to succeed against these vermin
Who plague our lives and seem to mostly win?
Is there no way to win back these, our Serin lands?
Can we not hold peace again within our hands?
Surely there is more we can do to fight against those who slay,
And take from us that sweet peace each day.

A Poem by Titasher:

Twas the Month of the Old Forces
Where I walked without a lantern
I sought to find pretty horses
But I wandered to a strange tavern
Never have I been to such a place
I often drank wine and firebreather
There I was with a misguided face
The drunken tavern served neither
Courting the bar man served drinks
A dwarf beginning to go insane
I was dazed and could not think
He poured me glass of new champagne
I write this poem in appreciation
For opening such a wonderful tavern
The drink gave a fabulous sensation
My new favorite, all from no lantern.

A Poem by Deliris:

These lands we walk,
Are blessed with heroes,
Either warriors of clerics,
But I am here to tell you,
Of a paladin known to most,
A paladin of many virtues,
A paladin named Grablen Klept.
He was a child not long ago,
Brought here by fate and luck,
Joined the halls of paladins,
And pursued his own track.
During his journeys and advancing in guild,
He set a new standard for paladins to be,
As deviant and cunning as he had been,
In defeating his enemies of different mean.
Today you can see him on the street,
With a sign of outcast on his cheek,
Some say that he had earned it,
Others think that he had not,
Whether they were right or wrong,
You can chose for your own,
As I will pass on the story,
That I've heard on my own.
As the paladin was fighting a shaman,
Mrakol challenged him like a bloodlusting goblin,
But being busy with the shaman,
He had no choice but to sigh and say nay.
After hours of fighting, the battle had ended,
And Grablen head back to town while limping,
He met a nasty surprise of bashing,
From the warrior called Mrakol.
Grablen still was able to fight,
Won the warrior with the length of an arm,
And due to insolence from the past,
Grablen was sure to make an example,
And teach a lesson of behavior -
He ended the neutral warriors life.
Not long after he duels another warrior
Called Trog, to whom the paladin forfeited,
Which was followed by a fatal slash.
When the paladin returned, there was nothing there,
As that had been taken care of by Trog and Mrakol.

If you have a poem, send it to the Heralds to have your work showcased
in the Mystique!

8) Battles



Knights lost both Liamm and Jijit during this prolonged battle, while the
Legion lost four of its members, including their leader Xyrattma.



In a second battle between the cabals, Naydra and Andorn of the Knights fell
in battle. However, it seems that the Knights combined managed to slay 4 of
the Legion several times, at first they were killed individually. After
this, there was a massacre in North Square where three Legions were killed.
Finally, the Legion made a last ditch effort and attacked the Knight's
castle, and once again they all were killed.


(TRAITOR) Nimash vs [WARLORD] Ruune *2


(TRAITOR) Vicyal vs [JUSTICE] Meriando



Grudkor vs Crywd and [HERALD] Dokkas


(TRAITOR) Vicyal vs [JUSTICE] Tiernen


(TRAITOR) Vical vs [WARLORD] Ruune


(TRAITOR) Nimash vs (OUTCAST) Grablen


(OUTCAST) Grablen and Kinrath vs Zaphista


If you have any battles to report, please send them to Herald. Please
include the names of all involved, a short summary of the events that
passed, and of course, who died, and who you believe won.